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  1. Take-Two plans to only release games with 'recurrent consumer spending' hooks
  2. Nathan Drake Battles Puberty In Uncharted Movie
  3. Xbox chief: we need to create a Netflix of video games
  4. Digital sales now represent 74% of the US game market
  5. Xbox Scorpio Specs
  6. PS Now to include PS4 Titles - Coming in 2017
  7. Xbox Game Pass: Unlimited Access to 100+ Games - $10/mo
  8. Xbone getting Atmos?
  9. PC Gamers Are Like Racist Arrogant Twits
  10. VR started with gaming—but it will take over every other industry
  11. Xbox One now also a Nintendo gaming console!
  12. Xbox Three (months in a row)
  13. MS isn't making money with games, has to make clothes instead.
  14. Playstation Now...on PC!
  15. PlayStation Plus Price Increase
  16. PS4 Slim
  17. Titanfall 2 - Drop a Ti....uhhh, load up Titanfall 1!
  18. Backwards Compatibility? Nintendo has a system for that.
  19. MS to offer and/or partner with retailers on X1 to Scorpio Trade in Program
  20. Sony rumored to be testing both 4.1 and 5.5 TFLOP Neo models.
  21. Last Guardian looks like a PS3 remake??? OUCH!!!
  22. Nintendo NX rumored to be use a tablet/controller interface?
  23. Microsoft will use Steam to sell Windows games, not just its own store
  24. Virtual reality Fallout 4 is coming to HTC Vive in 2017. Possibly some Doom too.
  25. Games can perform better on Xbox One Slim...
  26. Xbox Project Scorpio: Will it really do 4K?
  27. Serious Sam devs turned down 'a s****on of money' from Facebook and Oculus
  28. Other than Berserk winning E3...what was your favorite reveal so far?
  29. Will Sony change their NEO/PS4K plans because of Scorpio?
  30. E3 2016: Sony Press Conference
  31. E3 2016: Microsoft Press Conference
  32. Halo Wars 2 Beta - June 13th-20th
  33. Sony confirms PS4 Neo exists
  34. May 2016 NPD: Doom for Homefront Edition
  35. Distributor Mad Catz Has Posted an $11.6 Million Loss Due to Rock Band 4.
  36. E3 2016 News, Rumors, Jokes & Predictions
  37. Sony - No trophies for free DLC
  38. PS4 passes 40 Million Sales Milestone
  39. Xbox One - Best Selling Console of the 8th system generation*
  40. Game of the last generation. BlOps, Rock solid scores, rock solid performance.
  41. Mass exodus of Xbox Players allows current users a chance to take their Gamertag
  42. Doom Xbox One/PS4/PC - A question of violence
  43. April 2016 NPD: Quantum Broken Edition
  44. Why did MS close Lionhead & cut so many jobs? They didn't want Fable going multiplat.
  45. There May Be No Consoles In The Future
  46. Game of the Generation: Uncharted 4, rock solid scores, rock solid performance.
  47. Want to know how your game is broken? When it requires a 27GB patch. Quantum Break PC
  48. PSN alone now generates more revenue than Nintendo's entire business. (Also 40m PS4s)
  49. RUMOR: Sony PS4 games now listing native resolutions on packaging?
  50. Have we just found out how bad Xbox sales are? #Feeltheburn
  51. Amazon (UK) blocking non-prime customers from game purchases
  52. MS to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles
  53. Which new system will you buy? (assuming leaks are true)
  54. March 2016 NPDs: Kazman vs. Spencerman: Dawn of Justice
  55. EEDAR console sales/revenue report released. PS3 > 360; Digital revenue = 25%
  56. Drop a Titan on it....again. X1/PS4/PC
  57. Dark Souls 3 - PS4 - 1920x1080, X1 - 1600x900
  58. "One of the biggest surprise hits" Double A ARK being sued!
  59. Was this MS' original plan for "reselling" games in XBONE?
  60. Digital Foundry: Quantum Break is 720p30 on XB w/mild screen tearing.
  61. The gappening will continue
  62. Windows 10 Apps on Xbox One this summer
  63. Xbox Live to allow cross play with PC and "other networks"
  64. The Division - PS4, 1920x1080, X1, 1728x972
  65. February 2016 NPD: Super Street Fighter V Bomba Edition
  66. Microsoft Was Right, Video Game Discs Are Stupid
  67. You'll never see another Fable game again: MS closes Lionhead, cancels Fable Legends.
  68. Xbox One OS Updates
  69. Phil Spencer signals Xbox One hardware upgrades
  70. "Indies don't matter!": Rocket League "ships" over 10m copies.
  71. Ubisoft knows what CD is talking about!
  72. January 2016 NPDs: Uno de Cuatro! (My titles don't suck, Onslaught. )
  73. PS4 Keeps Dominating Ubisoft’s Sales
  74. An Xbox One player is worth more to Ubisoft than a PlayStation 4 owner
  75. Quantum Break PC Version Confirmed...with outliers
  76. Sub-$400 PC build decisively exceeds capabilities of PS4 & X1
  77. Firewatch coming to xbox one?
  78. Bungie Asks Why You Haven’t Been Playing Destiny
  79. Exclusives Matter Again! Ninty has sold more exclusives in the last 4 years than any1
  80. Ant Simulator canceled after crowdfunding money spent on liquor and strippers
  81. The Division Beta Hacked to Oblivion on PC. Just another reason to #KeepItXbox
  82. 10 Reasons Why the PS4 Is Superior
  83. And it begins... The Youtube Gaming Smackdown Wars.
  84. Glad I kept it Xbox, Rise of the Tomb Raider PC having issues
  85. Sony knows the West matters the most!
  86. New school gamer would've killed Xbox Live and all we've grown to love...
  87. X1 BC - Games you want to play underperform, shitty games perform as good or better
  88. The Outsiders Who Cause Harm
  89. Another high performing DF game on X1, 14fps @ 720P - Ark: Survival Evolved
  90. PS4 vs. Xbox One exclusives to date (comprehensive list, updated every 3 months)
  91. December 2015 NPDs: The Four Awakens.
  92. Sony's attempt to trademark 'Let's Play' is refused by the U.S.
  93. Sony sells 5.7 million PS4s during the holiday (total at 35.9)
  94. Amazon: Sony consoles, games and accessories destroyed XB1 sales
  95. Halo 5 emerges 2015's best-selling exclusive between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on...
  96. Xbox One beats PS4 Three Holiday Seasons in a Row
  97. List Wars 2015! Pt. 1: Awards time.
  98. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  99. 2 years, 5 months and 5 days after Kojima announced MGSV exclusively for XBONE...
  100. November 2015 NPDs: No XBONE Tombs Were Raided This Month. (PS4 wins)
  101. The State Of The PlayStation 4 In 2015
  102. Xbox Onemoretime
  103. Phil Spencer: 2016 Will Be A Fun Year For New IPs On Xbox One
  104. Black Friday 2015 Results
  105. PS4 has sold-through 30.2 million units worldwide as of 11/22/2015
  106. The Rise Of Microsoft Corporation Xbox One Under Phil Spencer
  107. PS4 will soon have the "greatest games lineup in history." *wink* *wink*
  108. But the Xbox is going to die!
  109. UK: Rise of the Tomb Raider sells <60k units at launch
  110. October 2015 NPDs: Halo's #1! PS4 software outsold EVERYTHING. Hardware tho... TBA.
  111. Microsoft is going multiplatform! Halo on PS4! (jk, it's Minecraft on Wii U.)
  112. Activision: COD has its biggest launch since BLOPS2, $550m in 3 days, <3's PS4.
  113. Sony fans are in love with their PS4
  114. XBONE BC list announced. (Surprise, it's 70 percent crap and 30 percent Gears/Halo!)
  115. FO4 Speed test? 28 fps and zero on xbox one says digital foundry
  116. Speed Test: New Xbox One Experience 2X As Fast As PS4 UI On Actions Tested
  117. Sony publishing Helldivers on Steam this winter.
  118. COD: BLOPS 3 is a mess on consoles.
  119. Surprised? I'm not. Playstation 4 will require an external processor for VR.
  120. Microsoft declares "XB1 aintgotnogames, so here are some old ones"
  121. PS4 ships almost 30m units by Q2 FY2015, Sony posts quarterly profits.
  122. Shuhei Yoshida Answers “No” To PS4 Backwards Compatibility and Sony-made JRPGs
  123. Uncharted 4's multiplayer will be 60fps (And will run at 900p)
  124. Paris Games Week
  125. Microsoft merging Xbox & PC gaming in 2016?
  126. Uncharted 2 vs Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
  127. Sony considering a "High Performance" PS4?
  128. Harmonix caught posting five-star Rock Band 4 reviews on Amazon
  129. September 2015 NPDs! A.K.A. The "Racers Don't Matter" thread!
  130. Bloodborne named game of the year... by Sony.
  131. Phil Spencer "doesn't know" if XBOX ONE can beat PS4.
  132. WTH is going on with COD on Xbox One?
  133. Latin America Now Matters! Indy approves!
  134. 12-Person Party Chat now available for everyone
  135. Xbox One - New 36 game bundle!
  136. Xbox One's unlocked 7th core isn't that much of a boost, says dev
  137. DF Hands-on with The Nathan Drake Collection. How remasters SHOULD be done. ;)
  138. Call of Duty - How much is the campaign worth? $10
  139. Rainbow Six Siege beta is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One
  140. PS4 And PS3 Dominate In Porn Usage
  141. No Way Competition Can Stack Up to Exclusive Xbox One Content This Holiday
  142. August NPDs, "Until Dawn won't sell shit!" edition.
  143. FTC Slams 'Deceptive' Xbox Marketing Campaign
  144. Xbox One Elite Bundle - 1TB SSHD, Elite Controller- $499
  145. Current crop of 1TB PS4's have passed the best before date. Ohh Sony!
  146. EA's Commercial for Madden 16 Is The Biggest Action Movie of the Summer???
  147. What Gaming Systems do you plan on purchasing in the next 12 Months?
  148. Microsoft Studios – Current projects list (August 2015 – Gamescom)
  149. Xbox One Exec: We're Doing Things That "Can't Be Done" on PS4
  150. Sony announces its European press-conference.
  151. What'll sell more this holiday?
  152. Now is the right time to buy a PS4 ($200 PS4's at Kmart, YMMV!)
  153. Driveclub vs Forza Motorsport 6 – Is DriveClub Still King of the Wet Weather Effects?
  154. July 2015 NPD results: PlayStation Fourth of July Edition.
  155. Now is the right time to buy an Xbox One
  156. Naughty Dog & Bioware Devs React to Crackdown 3, Destruction Outpaces Giant Dev PC's
  157. Rumor Mill: FIRE SALE - X1 Combo Packs
  158. Sony declares "PS4 aintgotnogames, so here are some old ones"
  159. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Runs at 900p On Xbox One, 1080p On PS4
  160. Teen friendly, mother approved! Halo 5 first game in series rated T for Teen
  161. It’s been confirmed: competitive Call of Duty is ditching Xbox One for PS4
  162. The power of The Cloud
  163. Gamescom 2015
  164. Gears of War Ultimate - Includes entire Gears collection!
  165. Spencer says MS focusing on "First party" exclusives over Third Party from now on.
  166. If you want Fallout 4 mods? Stick to PC.
  167. PS4 shipped 2x more hardware last quarter than XBONE and 360 combined. Now at 25.3m
  168. Rise of the Tomb Raider "Definitive Edition" coming to PC 1Q 2016... PS4 Holiday 2016
  169. BC Matters (Not to Sony fans)
  170. Digital Foundry talks up The Vanishing of Ethan Carter for PS4.
  171. Phil Spencer asked about the parity clause, denies it exists- then confirms it does.
  172. Now Sony's admitted to partnering Shenmue 3, that Kickstarter is a big problem
  173. June 2015 NPDs! Kickstart The 7th Guardian's Last Fantasy at Shenmu EIII Edition.
  174. DF Uncharted 4 E3 demo analysis: Next-gen start when Naughty Dog says it does.
  175. The Remastered Edition (AKA cash grab) Thread
  176. Ubisoft’s XboxOne Games Still Not Outselling 360’s, PS4 outselling both combined
  177. Sony - Upgrade your PS4 storage for $400!
  178. Game Critics Awards - Best of E3 2015
  179. E3 2015: Microsoft, nintendo, sony - the results - IGN versus
  180. DF Battlefront PS4 E3 demo analysis: Yep, it's another DICE Battle___ game!
  181. How long before Sony/MS introduce a new Slim mdoel?
  182. Report: Nintendo NX to release by July 2016
  183. Final Fantasy VII Remake Wins Best E3 Trailer
  184. Sony: PS4 dominates the EU, holds 70-90% marketshare.
  185. Amuricas favorite games! Take your RPG's and shove them in your Racers! (sorry cuco)
  186. Xbox and games are vital to Microsoft's future according to Satya Nadella
  187. MS Won E3 - Worldwide (news) Matters!!!
  188. "The way it ISN'T meant to be played" Arkham Knight runs better on consoles than PC.
  189. XBox One BC - The my console has BC and yours is just backwards thread of smack
  190. Rumor: Halo 5, presented to you in 1080pr @ 30fps?/Halo 5: CE doesn't include disc.
  191. Are we going backwards? 8-bit shit quality is apparently the IN thing.
  192. Shots Fired Part II: Free game with XB1 purchase (including Batman: Arkham Knight)
  193. E32015 - Sony Press Conference - Thread of massive VR hype and remakes
  194. Ubisoft Wins, Stick of Truth 2! E3 2015.
  195. E32015 - EA Press Conference
  196. E32015 - MS Press Conference - Thread of megatons and rattling
  197. If that's the kind of effort SQUENX is putting into a demo... (FFXV updated DF Vs.)
  198. Oculus likes the XBOX controller better?
  199. May 2015 NPD: Ploughin' and Witchin' Edition
  200. And now that Sony has honeydicked you...
  201. You like Vita and live in the USA? Ruh oh!
  202. Microsoft scrambles to redesign their controller!!!!
  203. Oculus Rift Total Package Price: Around $1,500
  204. E3, smack up mine and your predictions. Also known as the Mad Men Thread
  205. April 2015 NPD: Microsoft Wins. Fatality. Edition
  206. Sony admits- It Ain't Got No Games(com)!!!!!!
  207. Konami
  208. Microsoft Q3 results
  209. Xbox YouTube shows Witcher 3 on PC
  210. March 2015 NPD: No Longer Niche Edition
  211. Just got a PS4 for my birthday, my thoughts so far. (smackdown related)
  212. Holiday 2015
  213. For the Funnyz: Japanese Console Sales 3/16-3/22
  214. New PS4 update bricks gamers’ console, Sony wants $150 to fix it
  215. Video Game Expert Suggests PS4 for Exclusives
  216. Xbox One Unlikely To Hit 1080p With DX12, Says Witcher 3 Dev
  217. Sony Software updates not supporting aftermarket headsets for PS4. WTF!?!?
  218. God of War 3... again..I mean Remastered!
  219. GI.biz Rumor: Xbox Still For Sale.
  220. Joe Montana Sports Talk Rattle Ya Football 2016.
  221. February 2015 NPD: Infiltration Sales Edition
  222. Titanfall 2 Confirmed for One, PS4, and PC
  223. Bloodborne review says it only has 12 weapons in the first 40 hours – fans are upset
  224. Face-Off: DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition
  225. Uncharted 4 arrives on the Delaystation 4 - Spring 2016
  226. DX 12.. gonna make things a bit closer? Or the Gapenning continues?
  227. The Indie/Digital Games Matter Now Thread MS Sony Clash
  228. BF Hardline confirmed to look worse on Xbox One
  229. Phil Harrison To Leave Microsoft -
  230. PS4 Sells Over 20 Million Despite Having No Games
  231. Xbox One Fire Sale - Sony Domination Forces Drastic Measures
  232. PS4 Fire Sale - Thread of Sony Desperation
  233. Sony messes up PS4 Anniversary contest!
  234. Payday 2 developer: "If we can make the PS4 version better, why wouldn't we?"
  235. Xbox One has the best burgers vs PS4
  236. Nielsen survey shows driving force behind console purchases
  237. Microsoft drops price of 12 month Xbox Live Sub to $40 per year
  238. Fable Legends now a F2P release. No longer a retail product?
  239. PS4 and PS3 dominate digital revenue in January.
  240. RE Revelations 2: Xbox One trumps PS4
  241. A look back on the mess that was Halo: MCC
  242. The Order: 1886 Dev Says "Internet Is The New Playground For Bullies"
  243. PS4 AF Issues
  244. January 2016: NPD: 50 Shades of Sony Edition
  245. 343 announces content update bet-- oh, sorry, nevermind!
  246. "How hard would it be to achieve 60fps in Uncharted 4?" ND: Really fucking hard.
  247. Sony Q3 FY2015 reports reveal 19.9m PS4s shipped by end of 2014
  248. SEGA moving away from consoles
  249. Dying Light PS4 Superior Version
  250. Xbox Live Service Down Again

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