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  1. Buena Vista Reveals Large Catalog Of Blu-rays For 2007
  2. CES rumor buzz
  3. Toshiba Announces 50GB HD DVD Disc
  4. Over 300 Titles Coming For HD DVD in 2007
  5. BD outselling HD DVD according to FOX
  6. Blu-ray titles looking impressive for 2007
  7. The most important news from CES
  8. Onkyo & Meridian To Creat HD DVD Player!!!
  9. TDK Showcases Latest BD Innovations & Introduces 200gb Disc
  10. Bvhe Unveils Unparalleled Blu-ray Disc™ Release Slate
  11. Lionsgate Announces Upcoming Slate of Blu-ray Titles
  12. 300 New Titles Announced for HD DVD!!
  13. Any of the news from CES having you shift sides?
  14. Blu-ray Disc Association's Press Conference 15:00 PST 01.08.07 (post all info here)
  15. Post all CES info here.
  16. Disney's BD release slate is pathetic at best..
  17. Toshiba Readies 1.8 Million HD DVD Players to Fight Blu-ray
  18. ITwire has bad things to say about LG's new combo player (sorry if old)
  19. There are still 2 more days, but what can we expect?
  20. I look forward to "Total HD". When is it coming around?
  21. Where are the HD-DVD exclusives?
  22. 24, Prison Break Hit Blu-ray
  23. No Universal yet?
  24. Sony Q1 2007 Blu-ray Plans
  25. "And The Winner Is..."???
  26. My first day CES review blu-ray & HD-DVD
  27. Warner Blu-ray News
  28. HP and Blu-ray join forces
  29. 200GB Blu-ray
  30. Samsung to debut first second-gen Blu-ray player at CES
  31. Panasonic Blu-ray Recoder/Player
  32. Microsoft biggest winner behind the scenes at CES?
  33. Universal needs to come out swinging...
  34. CES Receiver news (HDMI 1.3, TrueHD, DTS-MA, etc.)
  35. Video Business: High-def rivals agree that no agreement is in sight
  36. Blu-ray reading material from CES
  37. Toshiba goes to 51gb triple layer disc
  38. Day 2
  39. Slideshow of the HD DVD Promotion Group's Press Conference.
  40. Universal - No new HD DVD announcements for CES
  41. RUMOR: big 1/11 Sony/MS console related announcement
  42. I am disappointed.
  43. Warner Total HD Presser: Nice surprises, including a certain series!
  44. Universal is only hurting itself...
  45. My Day 2 winners
  46. Warner's TotalHD Discs
  47. Microsoft: "LG will not be able to sell" BH100
  48. Meridian states no HD DVD player forthcoming
  49. What did Universal do right at CES? How about more interactive HD-DVDs?
  50. NPD: Consumers think they already have high-def
  51. Portable movie files to be included on future BDs!
  52. Bandai supports HD DVD with 3 Movies 1 Series
  53. Total HD Box is Ugly
  54. One Thing Is For Sure After CES...
  55. Warner's TotalHD Discs - Need clarification
  56. BREAKING NEWS: Toshiba quits SED TV panel production!!!
  57. Speakers shows Blu-ray gaming interaction at CES 2007
  58. New Sony DVDs Not Working In Some Players

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