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  1. Deadpool Shares His Passion for Painting in First 'Deadpool 2' Teaser
  2. Rian Johnson Set to Develop New 'Star Wars' Trilogy
  3. Fox Debuts Trailer for 'X-Men' Spinoff 'The New Mutants'
  4. Legendary Unleashes First 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Trailer
  5. Movie Pass - HDD Review
  6. Martin Scorsese Will Teach Online MasterClass on Filmmaking
  7. Warner Bros. Debuts Trailer for 'Tomb Raider'
  8. Check Out the Changes Made to 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' for the New 3D Release
  9. See One Movie a Day in Theaters for $10 Per Month with MoviePass
  10. Is CGI Ruining Movies?
  11. GotG:V2 compelled me to dig up my Zune. I wonder if people will be seeking them out.
  12. IMAX Set to Focus Less on 3D Movies in Favor of More 2D Releases
  13. New 'Justice League' Comic-Con Trailer Released
  14. Warner Bros. Debuts First Teaser for Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One'
  15. 20th Century Fox Reveals New Trailer for 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle'
  16. Del Toro's latest, The Shape of Water
  17. Dolby Opens 100th Global Dolby Cinema Location
  18. War for the Planet of the Apes in Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos - HDD Review
  19. I'm currently rewatching all the X-Men movies...and they are better than I remember.
  20. IMAX Announces Layoffs as Part of Cost Reduction Plan
  21. Marvel Debuts Teaser Trailer for 'Black Panther'
  22. Is 'Logan' The End of Superhero Movies? (Or the Beginning of Phase Two)?
  23. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
  24. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 4DX
  25. Showtime Releases Trailer for David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Revival
  26. Disney Preps 'Star Wars' Themed Hotel
  27. Warner Bros. Reveals Trailer for Denis Villeneuve's 'Blade Runner 2049'
  28. Sony Debuts Trailer for Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower'
  29. Michael Mann’s 'Heat' Heads Back to Theaters for One Night Only on May 2
  30. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in Dolby Cinema - HDD Review
  31. Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982 -1992 -- HDD Review
  32. Star Wars The Last Jedi - Teaser Trailer is here!
  33. Paramount Reveals New Trailer for 'Transformers: The Last Knight'
  34. Marvel Releases Teaser Trailer for 'Thor: Ragnarok'
  35. Fox Preps Alien Day Celebration for April 26 with 24 Hours of Fan-Focused Activities
  36. Focus Features Debuts Trailer for Colin Trevorrow's 'The Book of Henry'
  37. New Line Unleashes Teaser Trailer for Stephen King's 'It'
  38. Samsung Unveils 34-Foot Cinema Screen HDR 4K LED Display for Movie Theaters
  39. New 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Trailer Swings Online
  40. Dolby & Paul Sandweiss Discuss Mixing the Oscars 2017 Broadcast & That Crazy Finale
  41. RIP Bill Paxton
  42. How To Live Stream Dolby's 2/22 Behind The Magic Oscars Filmmaker Panel
  43. The Hobbit vs Lord of the Rings
  44. Cult of Chucky begins filming next week
  45. Disney's 2017 slate
  46. 2017 RIP Master Thread
  47. Carrie Fisher Hospitalized in Critical Condition
  48. Casablanca in 35mm showing @ Brattle Theater Harvard Squ Dec 30 & 31
  49. Don't Miss 'Moana' in Dolby Cinema: HDD Mini-Review
  50. Disney and Jon Favreau reimagining The Lion King
  51. Digital IMAX vs 70mm film IMAX (questions after watching Sully in IMAX)
  52. Brattle Theater showing Minority Report on 35mm Film Sept 28
  53. For twonun
  54. Close Encounters audio: 70mm vs. 35mm versions
  55. Ghostbusters - Alternative Casting
  56. Movies That Deserve Sequels
  57. Free Tarzan ticket at Red Robin
  58. RIP Anton Yelchin
  59. Brattle Theater this Friday showing In a Lonely Place
  60. Actors who are interchangeable.
  61. HDD Quick Look: 'Captain America: Civil War' in Dolby Cinema at AMC
  62. 'The Jungle Book' in Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos; More Titles Coming
  63. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  64. 2016 RIP Master Thread
  65. 'Swiss Army Man' Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe's Farts Turn Him Into a Jet Ski.
  66. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  67. RIP - Patty Duke
  68. 'Batman v Superman' in Dolby Cinema
  69. RIP Garry Shandling
  70. RIP Joe Santos
  71. RIP: George Martin
  72. The Godfather remake coming. Johnny Depp
  73. Oscars?
  74. Holy Shit, Batman. Sadako vs Kayako coming - teaser included
  75. RIP George Gaynes (Police Academy, Punky Brewster)
  76. Noomi Rapace not reprising role in Prometheus sequel
  77. RIP Abe Vigoda, of Godfather and Barney Miller fame
  78. RIP Glenn Frey
  79. RIP Dan Haggerty
  80. Trailer released for unannounced film sequel, 10 Cloverfield Lane, w/ John Goodman
  81. RIP Alan Rickman
  82. RIP David Bowie, Angus Scrimm, and Wayne Rogers
  83. Disney's 2016 schedule for 'major' releases
  84. Casablanca on the big screen
  85. RIP Haskell Wexler
  86. I'd like to start a petition, for a movie to be made...a comic book based movie...
  87. Isn't 'The Ridiculous 6' available on Netflix now?
  88. The Legend of Tarzan
  89. Post Your Favorite Trash Movies
  90. Captain America: Civil War
  91. Leatherface... RIP
  92. Warcraft Movie ??
  93. Prometheus to get as many as 3 sequels, will eventually directly connect to Alien
  94. Star Wars Original Theatrical Cuts Being Released by Disney
  95. Have You Seen A Laser Projected Movie Yet?
  96. RIP Dean Jones
  97. Bad Night (2015)
  98. RIP Wes Craven
  99. RIP Yvonne Craig
  100. Mr. Holmes
  101. RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper
  102. Two R.I.P's to announce today. Theodore Bikel & Alex Rocco
  103. Omar Sharif R.I.P.
  104. Andy Griffith R.I.P
  105. HDD Attends 'Terminator Genisys' Premiere at the Dolby Theatre
  106. He's Back! HDD Looks At The Legacy Of The Terminator
  107. Dick Van Patten RIP
  108. HDD Remembers the Work of James Horner
  109. RIP Sauruman, Dracula, Count Dooku.... :(
  110. High-Def Digest Goes Back To The Park: 8 Thrilling Amusement Park Movies
  111. The last Unicorn (enchanted edition)
  112. Maximized Entertainment: A Look At the Legacy of George Miller's Mad Max
  113. High-Def Digest's Summer Movie Guide 2015
  114. Terminator: Genisys
  115. Jurassic World
  116. The only Johnny Depp movie I've REALLY looked forward to.....
  117. Spectre (Bond 24)
  118. Disney's B&TB remake 3/17/17
  119. Star Wars standalone film announced/Also Episode VIII dated
  120. Frozen 2 announced
  121. High-Def Digest Asks Morgan Spurlock, Derek Cianfrance, Josh Gad, and Joshua Micahel
  122. Wow, Leonard Nimoy passes at 83.....
  123. Run All Night
  124. Pete's Dragon re-imagined
  125. Spider-Man joining the Marvel film universe.
  126. Ghostbusters reboot
  127. Turbo Kid Trailer. This is the future. This is 1997.
  128. Strange Magic
  129. Fan edit cuts The Hobbit trilogy down to a mere four hours
  130. Toy Story 4
  131. HDD Asks Keanu Reeves, Michael Pitt & Will Forte to share their favorite film scenes
  132. Are you going to see The Interview?
  133. HDD Asks Kevin Smith, John Turturro & Jim Rash to Share their Favorite Film Scenes
  134. What 80's - 90's franchise should Michael Bay film next?
  135. Anyone luv Amélie?
  136. Movie Themed Halloween Costumes
  137. Can a lightsaber cut through the housing of another lightsaber?
  138. Marvel Studios reveals Phase Three slate
  139. 2 Word Movie Quotes
  140. Avengers 2 trailer?
  141. Author Steven Awalt Discusses 'Duel', 'Sugarland Express', and Early Spielberg
  142. 'Twin Peaks' Returning to TV in 2016
  143. Can anyone help my ID a Dali documentary?
  144. If you swap Jim Carrey with serious dramatic actors...
  145. Joan Rivers - R.I.P
  146. Worst Plot Holes in Popular Movies?
  147. RIP Richard Attenborough
  148. RIP Robin Williams
  149. Minecraft: The Movie
  150. Newest Mad Max movie - Fury Road
  151. RIP James Garner
  152. What film quotes do you often use in real life?
  153. My good deed.
  154. What is everyones top movies of 1984?
  155. NEW Cinderella Trailer (??)
  156. 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Q&A with Matt Reeves, Gary Oldman, and Andy Serkis
  157. Racism in Classic Films
  158. Movie Monster Rumble
  159. Pacfic Rim 2
  160. Fox rebooting Predator with Shane Black
  161. A Fun Question...
  162. FREE Film Screenings - New Jersey - Red Bank
  163. Terry Gilliam's 'The Zero Theorem'
  164. Full Moon Features Debuts 'Trophy Heads'
  165. Michael Keaton is 'BIRDMAN' in a new film from Alejandro González Iñárritu
  166. 'Save the Alamo' Cause, information
  167. Edgar Wright Exits Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ as Director
  168. New Batmoblie
  169. 'Alien' creator H.R. Giger dies at 74.
  170. What is your fondest memory of going to see a Summer blockbuster? Tell us your story!
  171. The Ultimate in Home Theater Protection
  172. Bob Hoskins dead at 71.
  173. Star Wars Episode VII cast revealed...
  174. Voice Actor Resource Site
  175. Peanuts/Charlie Brown coming in 2015
  176. Goonies sequel on the way?
  177. RIP Mickey Rooney, 93
  178. Richard Donner: Goonies Sequel is Happening
  179. What I really hate in movies.....
  180. Dolby Highlights Atmos and 3D at CinemaCon
  181. X-Men DOFP
  182. Sex Story
  183. Oscars
  184. New Godzilla trailer
  185. RIP Harold Ramis
  186. Black Widow solo movie coming after Avengers 2
  187. Movie Themed Vanity License Plates
  188. Shirley Temple dead at 85.
  189. Guardians of the Galaxy to crossover with Avengers 3
  190. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman
  191. RIP Maximilian Schell
  192. End of film: Paramount first studio to stop distributing film prints
  193. A new release of Die Hard may be on the way.
  194. Help finish Life Itself - feature documentary based on a Roger Ebert's memoir
  195. Movie Title Mashup! (let's play) - Before and After
  196. Printing Movie Stills
  197. Summer Movie Slate For 2014....anyone else not very impressed??
  198. Peter O'Toole passes...
  199. Criterion - What films in the past 10 years should be inducted?
  200. Transformers - Who would have done a better job?
  201. R.I.P. Paul Walker
  202. Criterion Disappointments
  203. Seeing Poltergiest for the first time at a free screening in NJ tonight.
  204. There is a Movie God...Army of Darkness 2!!!!!!
  205. So what are you watching this Halloween month?
  206. 2013 Movies You Saw Discussion Thread
  207. Your pick for Most Disappointing Film OF 2013...
  208. Machete Kills
  209. 'Gravity' Director Alfonso Cuarón Talks Dolby ATMOS
  210. The Desolation of Smaug...
  211. Do petitions even work?
  212. Do you want a 'Dredd' sequel? YOU CAN HELP!
  213. No Pixar Film For 2014!!
  214. HDD's First Look: 'The Wizard of Oz' in IMAX 3D
  215. Tf4...
  216. Art of the Steal, Kurt Russell is Back!!!
  217. Sam Neill Appreciation Thread
  218. Friday Night - What should I watch?
  219. Coming Soon in Dolby Atmos: Wong Kar Wai's 'The Grandmaster'
  220. Poltergeist being remade, expected to come out next year
  221. Cineplex SuperTicket, has anyone heard about this?
  222. Trying to find a british film - can anyone help?
  223. 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' (2013)
  224. Read Martin Scorsese's PHENOMENAL Essay on the Power and Importance of Film
  225. HDD Goes Behind the Scenes on 'Oblivion' Vehicles, VFX, and Props
  226. Rocky Balboa is coming back!
  227. Schwarzenegger in a Zombie Film...eh, Why Not?
  228. Which of these bad sequels is most rewatchable?
  229. Chuck Palahniuk Working on FIGHT CLUB Sequel Graphic Novel
  230. Superman and Batman in Man of Steel Follow-up
  231. Need help to ID a silent era sea monster clip.
  232. New Predator teased
  233. The Pixar Theory: Every Character Lives in the Same Universe
  234. Dredd sequel still a possibility
  235. What Gladiator 2 could have been
  236. What movie is this?
  237. Boondock Saints 3
  238. (Poll) Which action star would get you most excited about a new project?
  239. Sony and Disney Offering On-demand for Some In-theater Movies in South Korea
  240. Lets play another game
  241. How about Jack the Giant Slayer ?
  242. James Gandolfini dead at age 51
  243. The Desolation of Smaug
  244. The Wolf of Wall Street
  245. Dolby Atmos expands for 'Man of Steel'
  246. How to enjoy Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard
  247. hello
  248. Sam Mendes WILL helm the next Bond after all
  249. Let's Play A Game - Evacuation: Planet Earth!
  250. Fast and Furious 6

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