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  1. 300 - The Movie
  2. Casino Royale, anyone seen it? How many stars do you give it?
  3. Spiderman 3 - Discussion thread
  4. What are your top 5?
  5. Play the movie quote game! Fun for all ages!
  6. The Hobbit, will it be any good without Jackson? UPDATE!
  7. Best Animated Film of the Year?
  8. The differences between 1080i and 1080p
  9. Film of the Year 2006
  10. Bored to tears! Do not watch Superman
  11. Your favourite Christmas film?
  12. What makes a box office "hit"?
  13. Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4)
  14. Transformers
  15. Ocean's 13 - why is Pacino starring?
  16. My highly anticipated movies of the future
  17. Indiana Jones 4 in theaters May 2008 !
  18. Spiderman 4
  19. Han Solo Movie!
  20. Curse of the Golden Flower
  21. Product placement... movies that got it right or horribly wrong.
  22. Rocky Balboa
  23. Damm, there were a LOT of great movies in 2006
  24. Who do you think is the best movie director?
  25. Your thoughts on Connery and Indy 4.
  26. Harry & The Hendersons on DVD, but what about on HD DVD?
  27. The Hitcher
  28. Oscars 2007 Thread
  29. IGN collects all the latest news on all video game films.
  30. Iron Man- 2008
  31. Do you watch movies just for pq?
  32. Movie recommendation: Blood Tea & Red String
  33. What did everyone think of the Donner Cut of Superman II?
  34. Anybody have Terminator 3 HD DVD? Would you recommend it?
  35. King Kong HD DVD VS King Kong HBO
  36. Metal Gear Solid Gets Movie Studio
  37. What do you think about the role of Nicolas Cage in ghost rider?
  38. Hitman Movie Loses Vin Diesel?
  39. Unrated & Director's Cut Dvd's
  40. Super sweet FF VII Advent Children Limited Edition Collector's Set coming soon!
  41. Apocalypto HD DVD or BD?
  42. Rate Ghost Rider if you have seen it! (Use spolier warnings if needed.)
  43. Which remake of any old film would you like to see with todayís digital technology?
  44. Mel Gibson a good film director?
  45. AMC "BEST PICTURE" Showcase
  46. Oscar Streaming????
  47. Little Yellow Minivan Vs Panís Labyrinth and the Oscars.
  48. Do you agree that Alan Arkin won best actor in a supporting role over Djimon Hounsou?
  49. Star Trek XI Christmas Day 2008 !
  51. Who should direct The Hobbit?
  52. Have you seen A Scanner Darkly?
  53. Favorite Old School Horror actors & their best film?
  54. Pathfinder-The movie (2007)
  55. Number One Favorite of All-Time
  56. Pirates of the Caribbean-At world's end 2007
  57. Resident Evil-Extinction 2007
  58. Halloween (2007)
  59. Children of Men - SPOILER, don't read if you haven't seen the movie
  60. HellBoy "Sword of Storms"
  61. From the creator of X-men, Spider-Man and The Hulk- A new hero "The Condor"
  62. Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For (2008)
  63. The Dark Knight (2008) The second Batman Movie?
  64. From the creator of 300 and SinCity(frank miller) His new movie: SPIRIT
  65. Favorite 007: Bond, James Bond.
  66. 007, You Suck At Being You.
  67. The new HD Trailer of Nicolas Cage Starring Jessica Biel "NEXT"
  68. American Gangster (2007)
  69. AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE on the big screen this April.
  70. Nomad the Warrior (2007)
  71. How many movies do you have in your Netflix account?How you rent your movies?
  72. Chinese Censors Remove "Sexually Explicit" 'Babel' Footage
  73. Watchmen - Discussion Thread
  74. WOW! i just watched training day and...
  75. The next Exotic Fast and the Furious (rival) "RED LINE"
  76. New Line grabs Gears movie rights..
  77. If they do a Movie based on the game God of War (PS2) who would be Kratos?
  78. The Ninja Turtles are back. TMNT in theaters.
  79. Which movie do you think will be 2007's biggest blockbuster?
  80. Just got my tickets for Grindhouse
  81. Gladiator Vs Troy Vs 300
  82. STARDUST (Fiction/Fantasy) Starring Robert De Niro.
  83. WARNING! 28 weeks later coming on May.
  84. Curse of the Golden Flower (on DVD) Martial Arts
  85. More from Lord of the Ring. (The Children of Hurin)
  86. More from Lord of the Ring. (The Children of Hurin)
  87. Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy ...
  88. What do you think about Movies based on books?
  89. The Game Castlevania into a movie? (2007)
  90. Disturbia-April 13th, 2007 (wide)
  91. Rescue Dawn(War) Starring Christian Bale
  92. The NameSake (International Film Festival)
  93. Two Upcoming Films of Interest!
  94. Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic On Dvd (01.09.07)
  95. Movie Listing from UK to China
  96. The movie that everybody loves but you hate.
  97. Reality Shows Vs Movies(based on personal experience)
  98. If you need to recommend a must see Anime movie which one would it be?
  99. The Lookout
  100. The movie that everyone hates but you love
  101. Peaceful Warrior
  102. The original idea of Transformers (anime) came from USA or Japan?
  103. Slow Burn(2007) Starring Ray Liotta and Jolene Blalock.
  104. The Host
  105. Which film opening up this weekend will you be seeing?
  106. List of Movies coming on April and May 2007
  107. The Slow Death of the SCI-FI Channel.
  108. What did you watch last night?
  109. "A Christmas Story" Director Killed.
  110. Sid Haig to Direct First Feature Film!
  111. IF you love Battlestar Galactica . . .
  112. Grindhouse - Discussion Thread
  113. Michael Myers is back (Holloween 2007)
  114. A Scanner Darkly Good or Bad movie? Poll
  115. Which movie studio releases the best movies??
  116. Songs that fit too well in a movie scene
  117. The Forbidden Kingdom starring Jet li and Jackie Chan (2008)
  118. Top 5 or more movies you can't live without.
  119. The Mummy 3. Rachel Weisz not coming back.
  120. Tom Hanks is back for Angels and Demons.(Da Vinciís code pre-sequel)
  121. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters poll!
  122. Hulk 2 Confirmed!!
  123. Movie Scenes That Make You Cringe
  124. The Prestige Question (Spoilers)
  125. 300 Anchorman
  126. Favorite Childhood Movie
  127. Sunshine - Space travel, when its best
  128. Ghostbusters II
  129. Jason Statham in Death Race (The movie)
  130. Golden Age Trailer!
  131. The International Harry Potter 5 Trailer!
  132. The Bourne Ultimatum (HD Trailer).
  133. Watch Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in the trailer for 'EL CANTANTE.'
  134. The Golden Compass
  135. Tribeca film festival 2007 is on (USA)
  136. Best Movie poster of 2006
  137. Prince of Persia Movies Finally Moving Along for 2008(Michael Bay directing)
  138. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
  139. God of War (The movie) and David Gaffe's Interview
  140. Fox, Marvel move on 'Magneto'. David Goyer to direct ‘X-Men’ spin-off
  141. A rat that wants to become a chef. Ratatouille (2007) A pixar animation
  142. Film Lobbyist Jack Valenti Dies at 85
  143. National Treasure 2 "Book of Secrets"
  144. Movie Character Challenge
  145. Gears of War movie
  146. Crank Sequel, Not a Prequel, Confirmed
  147. Ridley Scott to Direct Russell Crowe in Nottingham - A Revisionist Robin Hood
  148. Leo DiCaprio Working With Ridley Scott on Body of Lies
  149. Babylon A.D. (film) Starring Vin Diesel
  150. What is your top choice to see at the movies this weekend?
  151. Lucy Liu is a vampire that hunts vampires?! Sign me up!
  152. New Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer
  153. 'Rush Hour 3' Trailer (HD)
  154. David Yates Returns for Harry Potter 6. Half-Blood Prince
  155. Sin City
  156. Top 20 Movies
  157. Would rather wait for it on HD?
  158. 'American Gangster' Posters! (new Denzel Washington/Russell Crowe film)
  159. DreamWorks Acquires Peter Jackson's Lovely Bones
  160. Hellraiser Remake (Update)
  161. First Images from Timber Falls
  162. EXCL: Books of Blood
  163. The Ark of Noah (biblical epic)
  164. Documentaries
  165. The 'Star Trek' prequel is confirmed for 2008
  166. Knocked Up rave reviews
  167. Brick
  168. Three More Terminators on the Way
  169. George Lucas Talks New 'Star Wars' Films, Slams 'Spider-Man 3'
  170. X-Men 4 w/ Jackie Chan!!!???
  171. Jolie to star in third 'Tomb Raider' film?
  172. Spiderman 3 Vs Transformers (The movie) Poll
  173. Will you be seeing Shrek The Third?
  174. 300 or Grindhouse
  175. Which June release are you looking forward to the most?
  176. The Alchemyst (2009)
  177. Black Book (movie question)
  178. The Kingdom (2007)
  179. Bug (2007)
  180. "Paprika" 2007 Animated Sci-Fi Film.
  181. The Trials of Darryl Hunt (2007)
  182. Mr. Brooks (2007)
  183. War trailer Jet Li and Jason Statham
  184. How many films have you seen on DVD, HD DVD or BD so far? Poll
  185. De Niro and Pacino Reunite for Kill. Script is by Russell Gewirtz
  186. Universal Buys Remarkable Pitch
  187. Gerald Butler Plays "Game" with Crank Creators
  188. If Black Book is playing in your area, see it
  189. Hostel II on June 8,2007
  190. Jeffrey Reddick to direct Horror movie "Final Cut"
  191. Broken Sword Movie Begins
  192. "The Dark Is Rising" 2007
  193. John Rambo (2008)
  194. Seed's (horror movie) Poster has been revealed
  195. A Long, Long Time Ago....(30 Years Ago Friday)
  196. Do you think that WB should do a Matrix 4? Post your ideas in how should be done.
  197. Rocky Balboa was good ! *spoilers*
  198. Am I the only one that couldn't stand Flags/Letters?
  199. 1408
  200. Death Note!
  201. Anime on itunes
  202. Naruto hits de big screen for only one day on June 6, 2007
  203. Stigmata 2 in Development at MGM
  204. The Tattooist.Trailer
  205. Star Wars: "The Clone Wars" Trailer!. Upcoming animated series.
  206. Is 'Lord of the Rings' racist?
  207. Infested (the movie)
  208. The Last House on the Left (Remake) 2008
  209. Exclusive: Weitz Brothers Making Elric.Paul to direct fantasy adaptation?
  210. Teen Titans to the Big Screen
  211. COMING SOON: He-Man
  212. if you could choose director or actors.
  213. Captivity 2007 (Trailer)
  214. The Wizard of Gore (Trailer)
  215. Hideo Nakata (The Ring Two) & Taka Ichise (Ringu and Dark Water)reunited for Inhuman
  216. Paul W.S. Anderson to direct Spy Hunter (Based on the Midway game Spy Hunter)
  217. Knocked Up: new comedy classic
  218. What do you think about the film Hannibal Rising?
  219. Old Films you'd love to see in HD ...
  220. Thundercats Movie
  221. 'American Gangster' Trailer! Denzel Washington & Russel Crowe!
  222. Shoot' Em Up 2007
  223. Troy: Extended Edition
  224. Confirmed: 30 Days of Night (Poster)
  225. Vantage Point
  226. Hurt Joins Indiana Jones 4, Connery Not Returning
  227. Are there more qualty movies now than before?
  228. Who is your most trusted movie critic?
  229. Wouldn't it be cool if...
  230. What happened to horror movies?
  231. Bourne Identity: new ending dvd
  232. 3:10 to Yuma coming soon. Russell and Bale? Western
  233. DreamWorks Animation Options. Interworld
  234. Haley is Rorschach in Snyder's Watchmen?
  235. Diablo Movie, SR 2, WW and CT in Development
  236. if.......... (FINALLY released on DVD! Today!)
  237. Karas: The Prophecy. A must see DVD
  238. Blood and Chocolate on DVD? Did you see it already?
  239. AFI's 10th Anniversary of 100 Best Movies
  240. Morgan Freeman to Play Nelson Mandela?
  241. Saw IV coming soon. October 26, 2007
  242. First Photo Of Harrison Ford AS Indiana Jones Since 1989!!!
  243. Blindness
  244. Renaissance (finally) coming to U.S. on July, 2007
  245. The Water Horse (2007)
  246. From Beyond DVD Cover Art!
  247. Sony Heads to the Outpost. What?
  248. Tartan Preps Carved, Blood Releases. (Horror)
  249. Universal Making Movie About Hugh Hefner, "Playboy"
  250. Anybody seen this "Versus" movie?

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