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  1. 2017 HDD Fantasy Football Thread
  2. A meme contest
  3. My sixth book is out now!
  4. Plan for July 4
  5. Highdefdigest forums/site
  6. Mike Attebery leaving High-Def Digest on March 17th
  7. Billionaires, Bullets, Exploding Monkeys - FREE
  8. Carrie Fisher Dead at 60
  9. William Shatner tour
  10. 2016 HDD Fantasy Football Thread
  11. Freshwater planted aquarium/aquascape
  12. You know how you know this page is dead?
  13. The Walking Dead Hate Thread
  14. What are you drinking tonight
  15. I have a new book out: Rosé in Saint Tropez
  16. Documentary Trailer
  17. The 2015 HDD Fantasy Football/NFL Thread
  18. A little Showtime
  19. Amazon Shopping Android App issues
  20. TaDaa! Minions teach you sing a Chinese song [Chinglish Sub]
  21. new member
  22. 2nd Best Music Video Ever?
  23. RIP Virgil Runnels AKA Dusty Rhodes
  24. What's the last movie you watched?
  25. Anyone Going to Star Wars Celebration?
  26. NFL Free Agency '15
  27. I miss our sites Founder. Jed! You were the best!
  28. Anyone keep Fish? (Fresh/Saltwater)
  29. Harrison Ford survives plane crash, and saves populated area from harm.
  30. A question about digital antennas
  31. Coming Soon to WonderCon 2015 - SUPERMAN: THE REUNION
  32. Cinemark XD theatre questions
  33. Does anyone else here do vinyl?
  34. Star Wars Rebels.
  35. Is there an app or mobile site for this forum?
  36. dvd player not working
  37. GM Service Center damages my Camaro during warranty repair.
  38. Streaming vs. Owning
  39. Happy Birthday Scorpios!
  40. Kindle Book Deals
  41. Amazon.com new look
  42. New User
  43. My indie Project
  44. The 2014 HDD Fantasy Football Thread:
  45. The Crusades/Current Violence in the world
  46. Zune
  47. Need Help Making a Documentary
  48. Boring Friday the 13th?
  49. I had an awful headache
  50. Denver comic con 3 day ticket wanted
  51. Question for photo editing wizards
  52. Heavy Metal! \m/ >_< \m/
  53. The NJScorpio Thread
  54. Amazon Prime going up to $99
  55. Guess who's back.... back again...
  56. Ghostbuster's star Harold Ramis dies.
  57. I found this download that lets you do all these different things with your movies...
  58. Donald Trump leaves Scotland after making an idiot of himself.
  59. Anyone else having AMAZON late deliveries?
  60. Best of 2013
  61. YouTube Channel
  62. Please vote for my daughter in Scared Of Santa contest
  63. If you have my books in paperback, you can now get the Kindle editions for 99 cents
  64. If you are into sports betting...
  65. 2013-2014 High Def Digest Fantasy Basketball league
  66. Value of properties in Hyderabad
  67. What Happened To TBS (TheBombShelter)???
  68. Ray Dolby dies at 80.
  69. 90's button
  70. My HD Comic Book Men & Jay & Silent Bob videos from Baltimore Comic Con 2013.
  71. The 2013 HDD Fantasy Football Thread: Waiting All Year for Fantasy Season!
  72. Share Your Reviews And Complaints Regarding Electrostar Electronic
  73. Three thrillers for summer - Just $4.95
  74. The Beer Thread
  75. RIP Slim Whitman - Martians rejoice
  76. Many missing Dr Who episodes found?
  77. Problems converting to MKV files.
  78. Don't Call It A Comeback!
  79. What is the point of a SMART TV with internet if it doesn't play videos??
  80. Introduction
  81. Need help finding this
  82. Internet sales, including ebay are at risk.
  83. 10 years ago how....
  84. Best Buy Amazon Price Matching Works!
  85. Anyone heard of a site called blu-ray?
  86. Soccer
  87. Copying all my DVDs to the hard drive, getting them off the shelf once and for all!
  88. Movie Posters?
  89. Lol oh me. Y me so silleh.
  90. Anyone playing the stock market right now?
  91. Rewind @ www.dvdcompare.net gone?
  92. Best Buy...WTF?
  93. Girlfriend won two tickets to the grammys!!!!!
  94. Couch Potato investment strategy...
  95. Death Wish director Michael Winner dies.
  96. I just can't stand this.....
  97. Why only hollywood make expensive films?
  98. ATSC tuners
  99. Bloody Pulp and all my Kindle titles are free through Wednesday
  100. In memory of the "They just can't admit that they are/were wrong"
  101. iPad 3 vs Kindle Fire 8.9in?
  102. Since when has approval been needed to post?
  103. Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion
  104. High-Def Digest Fantasy Basketball Thread
  105. Bloody Pulp - My newest book is available now!
  106. Blu-ray Laptop Suggestions?
  107. RIP Kosty
  108. HELP! - Home theatre
  109. "Who Is Audrey Wickersham?" E-book Is Free Until Wednesday on Amazon
  110. "Half-sack" is dead??
  111. Are there any audiophiles here that could answer this question?
  112. Horribly awkward acting reel
  113. The Amazing Race - What would you do for $5?
  114. My New Boss Drowned....
  115. Neil Armstrong, August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012
  116. Switching to a new os right away
  117. 2012 Fantasy Football Thread (LOOKING FOR 2013 PLAYERS)
  118. Shart Week (In honor of Shark Week)
  119. Man insulted ex-wife offered would-be hitman "so little", didn't outsource [video]
  120. Pet Photographer (Funny youtube video)
  121. some more photos of my dolls
  122. Sage Stallone found dead .
  123. Just another awesome thing on the Internet--"Thrill Murray: A Colouring in Book"
  124. So Amazon taxes Texas now?
  125. San Diego staying classy: "The Big Bay Boom", a tale of a July 4th fireworks fail
  126. DateAcreep.com (Youtube video)
  127. Best prank ever?
  128. HDD Attends Calgary Expo Star Trek: EXPOsed: 'The Next Generation' Cast Reunion
  129. All of my books are free on Kindle through Wednesday
  130. Prometheus, anyone?
  131. Ray Bradbury Dead: 'Fahrenheit 451' Author Dies At 91
  132. Check out the new cover!
  133. #WhiteBoyProblems (Youtube video)
  134. HDD Attends 2012 Calgary Expo Q&A with Brent Spine, LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton
  135. HDD Attends 2012 Calgary Expo Q&A with Star Trek's Gates McFadden and Denise Crosby
  136. Review Archives in Alphabetical Order..why the numeric thumnails??
  137. Sad day for music fans, both Chuck Brown and Donna Summer passed today.
  138. Looking for an inexpensive Proxy server rental service in Chicago, IL (static IP)
  139. HDD Weight Lifting Club
  140. Maurice Sendak dead: ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ author was 83
  141. George "Goober" Lindsey dead at 83
  142. Adam Yauch, Beastie Boys co-founder and filmmaker, dead at 47
  143. Proof your job could always be worse
  144. Hitler Reacts To Derrick Rose Tearing ACL
  145. Junior Seau Found Dead- Police Believe Suicide
  146. Microsoft + Barnes & Noble Team Up on Nook ("Game-Changer")
  147. Digital Comics
  148. Running / Jogging - How do *you* do it ? (distance, speed, indoor/outdoor, trail ...)
  149. Does this make me a total jerk?
  150. Best Buy closing stores....
  151. Letter to Mel Gibson
  152. James Cameron and a banana...
  153. So something in my computer is going bad, video car, or monitor?
  154. Some Digital Copy movie issues in iTunes
  155. The Hunger Games... with Beanie Babies [video]
  156. Does Today Mark the Death of the Gadet Release Retail Line?
  157. FREE - Seattle On Ice - free through Wednesday at Midnight
  158. Darth Vader playing the bagpipes while riding a unicycle...
  159. 'Community' trailer done 'Prometheus' style...
  160. Soda Drinkers: 5 Good Reasons to Stop
  161. Richard Marx
  162. Don't donate to Invisible Children!
  163. High-Def Digest Attends 2012 Comic and Toy Expo Q&A with 'Star Trek's Michael Dorn
  164. How do you get Big Bang Theory tickets?
  165. Death from above....
  166. Soliciting car opinions: Subaru Outback/Forester, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4/Prius, +
  167. Jean Dujardin Villain Auditions!
  168. Macaulay Culkin Update
  169. Help me win a Playstation Vita!
  170. Fox Screening Every 'Simpsons' Episode Available for World Record Attempt
  171. The unofficial, non-sponsored SuperBowl XLVI Thread
  172. Ferris Bueller is BACK!!!!
  173. Tebowie....
  174. Amazon Prime members can now read ANY of my books for FREE
  175. Get "Seattle On Ice" in paperback for FREE
  176. suggest an app
  177. Happy New Year
  178. Anybody get a Kindle Fire?
  179. What is everybody reading over the holidays?
  180. NBA Fantasy League (ESPN)
  181. Kim Jong Il, may you suck **** in Hell.
  182. Thank you for all the support!
  183. "Billionaires, Bullets, Exploding Monkeys" is now free
  184. Anyone like candles? Give this a look if you do.
  185. New business we started, please check it out! :)
  186. Retail groups lash out after Amazon announces Price Check app promotion
  187. Batman artist Jerry Robinson dies...
  188. Read Seattle On Ice for FREE!
  189. Blockbuster and streaming on 360
  190. Superman: Doomsday Dvd editions
  191. Ketchupbot + 20th Century Fox theme via flute
  192. Funny Autocorrects
  193. Video will: how to do it
  194. High-Def Digest Attends Central Canada Comic-Con Q&A with William Shatner
  195. Book vs Kindle
  196. Customer service- how not to do it.
  197. Apple's iCloud Screwed Me!
  198. A Football Team Loses Because of... Call of Duty?!
  199. Seattle On Ice - My new book is now available!
  200. Ken Russell's The Devils - March 2012 on DVD
  201. Penn State University should burn for this!!
  202. High-Def Digest Attends Comic Con Q&A with 'Star Trek's Nana Visitor and Chase Master
  203. Stir Crazy Deluxe Popcorn Maker
  204. RIP Flattus Maximus
  205. Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Collection Dvd set
  206. My book is today's Daily Cheap Read
  207. Big bull's eye on Amazon
  208. I need your help with Mt Dew and Doritos MW3 2XP codes.
  209. Cutting the "Cable"?
  210. Charlie Sheen to get his own sitcom called ......"Anger Management"
  211. Android phone + ipad
  212. This Is How Michael Caine Speaks
  213. Shia LaBeouf takes a beating
  214. Get your Learn on here
  215. Why gamers are a great fit at the gym
  216. how to record sirius on my pc?
  217. My most annoying movie theater experience yet!
  218. Keeping your computer clean
  219. Blu-ray.com not loading
  220. Man DQ'd for taking bus to finish third
  221. Al Davis died.
  222. Steve Jobs has died.
  223. C-32 Copyright Law amendment
  224. Which Audio/Video Encoder Should I Use?
  225. Free Flexor
  226. Paramount Combines Home Entertainment Divisions Into One
  227. The Red Sox collapse: has anything in sports ever been as funny as this?
  228. New BEAST exploit on browsers
  229. DSL 6 MBPS vs Broadband (Cable) 10 MBPS
  230. Roger Ebert's memoir 'Life Itself'
  231. My Mother-In-Law just stole my Star Wars Saga Set...
  232. Nicolas Cage awoken by naked man with Fudgesicle
  233. Need help picking out an Espresso/Cappuccino Maker
  234. wanting to buy a tablet, looking for advice
  235. Have you seen this man? Reward offered for capture.
  236. BluntCards: because probably none of you have heard of them
  237. So my A35 died, how should I dispose of it?
  238. Nike Releasing 'Back to the Future 2' Shoes
  239. Russian dude touches a 1000 pair of boobs...
  240. Satellite view of moon landing tracks? Oh shit it was real!
  241. How many Electronics (and or) Gadgets do you own?
  242. The Official 2011 College Football Thread
  243. after plea deal for assualt, NFL player to spend teams bye week in jail
  244. Who was rocked by the hurricane?
  245. So A Druggy Came Up To Me Today...
  246. The End is Near....
  247. John Carpenter screens "The Apocalypse Trilogy" September 24th...
  248. Steve Jobs resigns as CEO...
  249. Did you just feel the earthquake?
  250. Effectively creepy Korean comic!

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