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  1. Feisty CEA Panel Debates HD DVD, Blu-ray Battle
  2. High-def packaging faux pas?
  3. Preview-Free Discs (BD & HD-DVD)
  4. Will you use a gaming console?
  5. Vivid Readies First Adult Title for Blu-ray, HD DVD
  6. HD drives for the computer
  7. Rumor Mill: Blockbuster to Stock HD DVD, Blu-ray?
  8. Clueless electronics store employees
  9. Blu-ray and HD-DVD Disc Durability
  10. 'Mission: Impossible III' Sets Blu-ray, HD DVD Sales Record
  11. New Broadcom chipset supports HD and BD
  12. I'm not clear on this ...
  13. 1080I vs 1080P
  14. Blu-ray and HD DVD 24p
  15. Does the public care about the next-gen DVD formats?
  16. Why do studios release different movies for different formats?
  17. Playing Blu-ray & HD DVD movies over component
  18. HD Lord of the Rings box set will happen. I am glad.
  19. Mpeg 2 Bitrate
  20. cedia interview with joe kane on vc1 and mpeg2
  21. Pulp Fiction HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  22. what is denon going to do??
  23. Could Fox/Sony be violating antitrust laws?
  24. Anyone else dreading replacing their dvd collection?
  25. Article: Some HD movie pricing out of wack? Boycott the higher priced discs
  26. Dolby Digital Plus vs. DTS
  27. No chance of Kingdom of Heaven making its way to HD DVD?
  28. Warner not playing fair with Blu-ray releases
  29. DVD Wars site Blu-ray update
  30. Reviews
  31. Next Gen format war "official title"?
  32. IMAX movies in HD much better quality than 35mm movies
  33. What works well for removing sticker residue?
  34. Using your computer as an HD thingymajiggy!
  35. When will we see Home Alone 1 & 2 on HD DVD (or BD)?
  36. Studio Support?
  37. Better than 1080p?
  38. Anyone Going To CES 2007 in Vegas?
  39. New CES 2007 information is very Blu
  40. Best Blu-ray Test Movie/Disc
  41. Band of Brothers
  42. HD DVD vs Progressive Scan
  43. Star Wars in high-def?
  44. Blade Runner? Please!
  45. Postponed releases??
  46. Do you live with anyone who doesn't want you to "update" your collection?
  47. The Best (and Worst) of 2006
  48. Any program able to convert Blu-ray to HD DVD or vice verca?
  49. Digital Downloads?
  50. Batman Begins [Blu-ray]???
  51. Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  52. How much does it cost to Import??
  53. Choosing when to become an early adopter.....
  54. Windows Vista is bad for HD DVD/Blu-ray.
  55. Custom HD Box Art Story
  56. Blu-ray and HD DVD security cracked!
  57. How many DVD movies have you replaced with HD?
  58. What movies do you reference for people?
  59. Pictures of your local HD DVD/Blu-ray sections (Bandwidth friendly)
  60. Anyone going to CES?
  61. Leaving for My First CES on Sunday!
  62. Box Size
  63. How important are special features in a movie to you?
  64. What Tech mistakes have you made
  65. best hook-up??????
  66. Films made with Super 35
  67. What would you like HDDVD to Announce at CES
  68. Which Disc version are you getting?
  69. Amazon 10% off extended through 2007!
  70. How do you get your broadcast HDTV?
  71. Wireless HDMI
  72. TV Shows You Want on High-Def DVD
  73. The Illusionist
  74. Focus Features
  75. Criterion Collection
  76. Confusion over 1080i/1080p
  77. urgent message (Blu-ray HD DVD hybrid disks)
  78. The Prestige HD DVD
  79. What happened to HD DVD hybrid discs?
  80. DVD Forum who are the members?
  81. Planet Earth coming to HD DVD/BD on April 24th!
  82. The Big Lebowski. Would love to see this one in High Def!
  83. Why do High Definition players have SD outputs?
  84. Are Retailers Being Educated?
  85. Sales Figures
  86. NPD Group Xbox 360 PS3 Sales Figures
  87. HD DVD Movies on BitTorrent
  88. Where Is Paramount's Title Annoucements?
  89. Are Title Sales Results Available?
  90. Ritek touts 10 layer HD DVD, Blu-ray media
  91. How many times has HD or BD players given you trouble.
  92. Lord of the Rings details.
  93. How many HD movies can fit on one HD DVD or Blu-ray disc?
  94. Any formats announced these titles yet?
  95. Advertising -- Blu-ray vs. HD DVD
  96. Interesting info on Star Wars movies
  97. Where are the foreign films (Asian), concerts & series on HD DVD & Blu-ray?!
  98. Do you agree with BD, HD DVD or any new technology to have a firmware update quickly?
  99. New Line On Crack!
  100. High-Def too much for Porn?
  101. Why do we even have two formats?
  102. Have you Jumped Sides?
  103. HDTVs in one third of of households.
  104. Saving Private Ryan on High Definition
  105. LG and Panasonic to release DUAL format HD players in Feb '07
  106. Dreamworks
  107. Warner's French 07 slate: NBK, Matrices, Harry Potter, Blade Runner, Kubrick!
  108. What Color Cases for TotalHD?
  109. MGM info?
  110. Lite-On
  111. Netflix
  112. Question on watching old movies....
  113. What if the Format you Support doesn't make it?
  114. How's the display of HD DVD and Blu-ray at your local Wal-Mart?
  115. Sin City HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  116. An Interesting Thing Just Happened
  117. HD DVD/Blu-ray Easter Eggs
  118. Flags Of Our Fathers Blu-ray Or HD DVD?
  119. Is everyone really replacing all their movies?
  120. I hate HDMI 1.3!
  121. Has anyone gone back to SDVD?
  122. Worst Blu-ray or HD DVD you own?
  123. I still think standalone player price will be the determining factor
  124. What format and type of machine do you own?
  125. 1.5 Million HDTV's sold in last week
  126. Canada is the key to the war.
  127. New Releases: Which Format?
  128. Can Blu-ray Produce Combo Discs?
  129. Where are the old Horror films?
  130. What features are important to you?
  131. Custom Installer Effect?
  132. Stores dropping HD DVD from shelves?
  133. Blu-ray and HD DVD sighting at Blockbuster
  134. Talk up your format
  135. MATRIX: Revolutions out April 10th?!?!
  136. Blu-ray and HD DVD spotted at Hollywood Video
  137. Lack of Foreign HD DVD's and BR'sI'
  138. Everything should be dual format!
  139. Studio Percentage of what is in your collection
  140. Is Amazon worth it for High Def movies
  141. Hackers discover HD DVD and Blu-ray "processing key" -- all HD titles now exposed
  142. The Departed
  143. Obsession
  144. How many people open their movies?
  145. Audio format question
  146. Who owns the majority of Toho's catalog in the U.S.?
  147. Doctor Who in HD DVD/Blu-ray?
  148. Flushed Away...Any News on BD/HD DVD?
  149. Technical question
  150. HD DVD players in the UK
  151. The format war...who really wins?
  152. Which studio do you think is doing the best job with their HD PQ and SQ?
  153. 3X DVD To Allow HD DVD Movies on a Regular DVD Disc?
  154. DVD Collection Websites?
  155. What is your favorite movie in High Definition?
  156. anybody supporting both formats and loving both?
  157. National Geographic in High-Def
  158. Blue-Violet laser!
  159. How much are you $pending?
  160. Did/are you Upgrade/Additions (Electronics/Components) for HD DVD and/or Blu-ray?
  161. PCM uncompressed sound
  162. *** Official Warner Chat on hometheaterforum
  163. Is an MST3K screen layover possible with HD media?
  164. Better Movie Releases
  165. Do you believe this site increases your HD purchases?
  166. A useful source of information
  167. Where is Paramont?!?!?
  168. FOUNTAIN on HD DVD and DVD MAY 15th
  169. Star Trek First Contact...WHEN?!?!?
  170. How are your movie buying habits?
  171. For USA only. What do you support & what is your political affiliation?
  172. Best Buy: NIN HD DVD Sample disc
  173. Flags of our Fathers on Blu-ray and HD DVD May 22
  174. AFI "100 Years, 100 Films" broken down by format!
  175. AFI Top 100 Adjusted Box Office Gross (By Rank and Studio) broken down by format!
  176. I'm quite worried...
  177. WB Rumor & Question
  178. Dreamworks-- We want animation!
  179. Sofware (HD DVD, BD) Handle with Care or Stack 'Em
  180. Paramount Wants
  181. Thai Subtitles
  182. Movie Catalog Software
  183. Favourite Movies of 2006, which formats?
  184. Warner: Road Warrior and Battle of the Bulge on 5/8
  185. Warner's Total HD cripples HD DVD (temporarily) and Blu-ray (permanently)
  186. Is HD-DVD/Blu-Ray worth it at 450p?
  187. Relentless Enemies specs?
  188. Toshiba General Manager: Sony's comments = "Propaganda"
  189. Which company has the best looking cases for both formats?
  190. More Paramount: Freedom Riders, Hustle & Flow, The Warrirors, and The Untouchables!
  191. School me in the art of HD reviewing.
  192. Which format for dual releases
  193. Canada: Where to buy HD DVD/Blu-ray movies?
  194. HD movies should be 5 star!
  195. The PS3
  196. HD-DVD/BLU-RAY "Buyer's Guide"
  197. How the Heck does HD Digest review Manilow before Children of Men???
  198. Format War Hurting HD Adoption by Consumers
  199. How important is PIP support?
  200. Netflix/Blockbuster Poll
  201. Amazon pre-orders for un-announced movies ???
  202. Do you know when these movies are coming on BD or HD DVD?
  203. WHERE IS National Geographic: Relentless Enemies REVIEW??
  204. DreamWorks CEO: HD Movies a Niche Market
  205. Wait a few months on day and date for $20 or pay $30 now?
  206. HD Not Ready For Prime Time?
  207. Any news on ANCHOR BAY going HD DVD/Blu-ray?
  208. Remember that 'Special Collectors Edition' of Babel...
  209. Letters From Iwo Jima comming May 22nd
  210. SD DVD is wrong format name?
  211. Ps3, Hdmi 1.3, Audio Question
  212. How can I avoid letterbox
  213. new to the forums
  214. Ordering movies online....(skeptic)
  215. Best Buy and Circuit City OPEN ITEMS. HD DVD/Blu-ray players.
  216. I got Scanner Darkly early!!!
  217. Best Buy Screwing Americans!!
  218. To learn more about the format . . .
  219. HD DVD & Blu-ray: Someday Obsolete, Or Here to Stay?
  220. Grindhouse..on HD
  221. Which movie caused you to go dual format??
  222. Retailers Report Missed Street Dates for HD DVD, Blu-ray Discs
  223. Warner Bros - The Leader Of All High Def
  224. 'Norbit,' 'Zodiac' and 'Sat Night Fever' headed Blu-ray, HD DVD
  225. Security Fixed
  226. Dumb Question Blackbars?
  227. Entourage a possibility on HD DVD/Blu-ray ???
  228. Onkyo 605 Preorder (HDMI 1.3/TrueHD/DTS-HD-MA)
  229. Samsung Announces Combo Player for Holidays
  230. "Microsoft mugged over VC-1 codec patent terms"
  231. What to buy?
  232. 100 Million Dollar Movies On Both Formats
  233. "Birthday Wishes" Thread
  234. Aliens on Blu-ray/HD DVD..anytime soon..never??
  235. Movies in HD!
  236. With movies like "The Departed" and "Casino Royale" selling well, where are HK films?
  237. High-Def Digest Podcast idea thread! I need your help!
  238. Comparison websites?
  239. Onkyo TX0-SR605
  240. IMAX Movies on HD DVD/Blu-ray???
  241. Planet Earth on HD DVD and Bluray both in the top 10 on amazon
  242. Is Netflix Taboo?
  243. Why are there HD Movies on TNT HD, HBO, MAX HD?
  244. BBC' Blue Planet on HD DVD/BD?
  245. Does your wife see the difference between SD DVD and HD DVD/BD?
  246. MIA Sony's Next Gen Disc Tracking Report?
  247. Super Bowl XLI HD in the works?
  248. 2 discs? Why?
  249. for those who say downloadable movies will conquer HD & BD
  250. Need Help

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