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Old 08-11-2016, 12:15 PM
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Default The War between Bob Furmanek and Wade Williams

There are some heated discussions regarding Bob's opinion of Wade Williams in various large AV/HD forums around the net. Since these discussions are put on public display, I believe that it's fair game to discuss them here. Feel free to correct any information that you may believe is wrong.

So, what is this all about? Wade Williams bought the rights to many films in the olden days, when studios didn't think there would be a resell market, for tv rights, home video, or theatrical re-releases. These studios had a similar mindset as BBC did when they were shooting over, or throwing out, their old tapes of Doctor Who and other tv shows, when the season's run would end. The BBC regretted that decision and still does. Over time, they started asking fans if they had bootleg VHS or Beta copies of many of the episodes, and they've scoured TV stations all over the world, in order to piece together each episode, which to this day, still isn't complete. Some of them were only available in audio form.

So, why is Bob so interested in Wade Williams? Well, Wade Williams acquired three 3D films over the years: Robot Monster, Cat Women on the Moon, and Hannah Lee. It seems like most of the attention has been focused on Hannah Lee, which by Williams' own admission is actually a public domain title. Wade Williams says that he fears (legal) piracy of Hannah Lee will occur and will ruin any chances of making a profit, if I'm understanding it correctly. There may (or may not) have been offers, from Bob and other studios, to buy one or more of the 3D films outright, but Mr. Williams never sells a film.

With Hannah Lee, maybe it's understandable that he's a little bit paranoid. After all, he has no rights to the film and only owns a physical copy. If it got lost or damaged in shipment, or if someone will ill intentions got ahold of it and didn't want to pay Mr. Williams his royalties or whatever, he'd be SOL. The only control he has over this film is a physical copy that he knows no one else has access to, but his paranoia regarding public domain films, as he shared a story where he supposedly got burnt on another public domain release, is going to make it probably impossible to deal with him. Apparently, this film was shown at the Egyptian theater in 2003, with claims that it was the only surviving print in existence and supposedly had major color-fading issues. It may never be restored or released, unless it happens after Mr. Williams passes on.

Mr. Williams seems to be more optimistic about his other two 3D films and thinks that Kino will eventually come into an agreement, to restore and distribute them.

If I'm understanding this correctly, Bob has publicly offered Wade Williams the opportunity to scan and restore his 3D films, at no upfront cost to him, and when or if the 3D Film Archive got all of their investment back, they would split the profits, 50/50. Mr. Williams did not like that offer. He wanted his money upfront, and he may have wanted a lot more money than Bob or Kino were willing to give. What those numbers are were probably discussed behind closed doors, and no one outside of those three people or entities (Kino, Bob, Wade) likely know.

In the past, allegedly at least one distributor withdrew their offer to Mr. Williams, after he 'didn't understand' the language, regarding the distribution contract. If this is true, why didn't Mr. Williams have a lawyer, to explain contract language in layman's terms to him?
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Old 08-12-2016, 03:50 AM
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WELL...Mr. Wade!! Thanks for nothing!!
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Old 08-15-2016, 02:34 PM
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Is there also some rights disputes between Wade Williams and a separate entity regarding Invaders from Mars?
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