Went to Best Buy today and saw the demo of the 3D movie Monsters vs. Aliens. Then I ask the salesman to put on a regular DVD to see a conversion of 2D to 3D.


1. 3D effect of Monsters vs Aiien was excellent.
2. Color for 3D was excellent.
3. 2D was average in sharpness and color.
4. 2D coversion of DVD to 3D was very good including color and sharpness.

The 2D conversion can be handled in one of three ways.
1. 3D mode (slight ajustment to picture to give impression of side by side 1080p
2. Side by Side mode to give two full 1080p pictures
3. Top half, bottom half picture adjustment for 3D effect.
4. Depth number from 1 to 10. The salesman started at 7 which showed an average 3D effect. I asked him to put it on 10 (most depth) and saw a good 3D effect.

The salesman used 3D mode and showed me the different modes and items you can use on the TV. Quiet amazing!

I had on the shutter rechargeable glasses. The salesman said they were more conmfortable and lighter then the battery glasses.

I wear glasses and found the shutter glasses very comfortble and I forgot I was wearing them.

The TV has HDMI version 1.3. The salesman told me that version 1.3 at 10.2Gbps is all you need. From what I saw that is all you need.

The 55" TV cost $3,000, Samsung 3D Blu Ray player with transparent top (you can see the disc spinning) for $400, each pair of shutter glasses cost $200. A 3D kit can be purchased for $350. The kit contains 2 pairs of glasses and Monsters vs Aliens 3D Blu Ray movie.

I am thinking that the 2D to 3D conversion, could be a good selling point. I will see the Panasonic Plasma demo on March 28. I will see if they have 2D to 3D conversion.