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    Default 'The Magnificent Seven (2016) - Ultra HD Blu-ray' - High-Def Digest Review

    Bryan has reviewed 'The Magnificent Seven (2016) - Ultra HD Blu-ray'. Check it out!
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    Of course there's no 3D. The movie was never converted.

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    I believe the regular bluray disc only comes with DTS-MA 7.1 and NO Atmos. I hope I'm wrong but I think the Atmos track only contains the 4K disc.

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    I watched this with guests over for Christmas Dinner in my 7.1.4 HT and let me tell you, the audio was amazing, I mean, reference quality/demo worthy amazing. this soundtrack was so good, (I have a cat) and I paused the movie twice to find out what the cat was doing to furniture or playing with something before I realized it was the movie soundtrack.

    the use of height/ceiling speakers was super amazing. there is a scene where the camera is below an upper balcony and someone comes outside and walks across it. the audio action was still going on in the lower 7 channel bed then added and highlighted the footsteps across the wooden deck above. it made you look up as you followed the footsteps across the ceiling from back left to front right.

    also, near the end, so much gunfire was flying overhead during the final big battle. also, channels 4/5 & 6/7 in the lower bed, gave some of the best sound throughout the movie, especially channels 6/7! the mixer for this movie's UHD release was a damn audio engineering genius. this is possibly the best movie I've heard for 2016 and the movie itself was very good too and a great nod to the original. just the noise of the town itself at times filled all 11 speakers in my system, some loud, some quiet yet very subtle. the placement of objects is simply at times, breathtaking.

    I can't recommend this movie enough to those with 7.1 and even more so to those with 5/7.1.2/4 the audio is not to be missed. I will be watching this movie again. I, and my guests were so in awe of the audio, I know I missed a lot of things that happened in the movie since at times, I could not stop myself from looking around to figure out what that damn noise was be it loud or quiet like; couldn't stop myself!
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    This movie must have been a huge seller. I am still receiving a backorder notice from Best Buy on the steelbook I ordered. February 8th delivery date now.
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