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    Default CES 2017: P&F USA Announces New Philips Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with Dolby Vision

    The company's newest Ultra HD Blu-ray player has been revealed.
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    I currently have their BDP7501 UHD player and I love it, I was thinking about getting another. I think I will wait to see what the reviews by the pro's, prosumers and consumers have to say about it.

    I am nothing but satisfied with the 7501 and it has played every single UHD or 1080p blu I've put in it with no problem, no delay and networking/bd-live are always on.

    I don't have a 4K set yet, I got the player because ATMOS/DTS:X are for some studios only available on UHD releases. if the new player is as good and reliable as the current one, with the future promise of DV upgradability, I may get that instead of the oppo UHD player and save a couple hundred bucks. I'm not a huge video guy, I'm more about the audio in movies.

    so far with the current Philips player, the video has looked just great on my 1080p HDTV. can't wait to start reading reviews!
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