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    Default Anyone have the onkyo speakers?

    I am getting ready to purchase the Onkyo 605 or 606 and I need new speakers as well. I want to keep my budget and a minimum, I found the Onkyo SKS-HT540 speaker set and they have a good review. Can someone tell me if these will work well with the Onkyo receivers? Do they have enough power or are they more likely to blow out? I don't know much about this stuff so please remember your speaking to a audio noob. thanks for any help.
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    I've had a Onkyo speaker set + Onkyo receiver that we bought as a HTIB back in 2004 that is still running amazing. The speakers are great quality and produce fantastic sound for video games, music, and television.
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    I have the SKS-HT540 Speaker system in my HTPC room and they sound great for a HTIB. I have no regrets on buying these speakers they have plenty of punch.
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    I just bought this set up the 606 and the 540 speakers.. i should get them this week. i'll let you know after i've tested it. i've read good stuff. i have high expectations.
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    great, i can't wait to hear your feedback.
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    I bought the 606 receiver and the HTS540 speakers a few weeks ago. They replaced a Panasonic HTIB that I always thought sounded pretty decent, but can't hardly listen to the old setup anymore (moved it to the office/den), compared to the new speakers.

    The HTS540 surround speakers are rather large, and you might find them a bit unwieldy if you're going to wall-mount them (but you can do it). I think the system performs great as a theater system and decently for music - high end seems a bit weak to me.

    The Audiodessy (sp?) speaker setup feature of the 606 works great, IMO.

    All in all, thumbs up.
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    can you wall mount the front and center speakers? Ive heard conflicting reports on wether or not there is a hole in the back of the front speakers.
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    So last night was the night... After a 7 hr install of my 606 receiver and my 540 speakers (which by the way have no wall mount fittings on the center and front speakers), I was blown away! No keep in mind I went from a total suck system to this set up, but I mean WOW!

    After the hook up the set up took 15 minutes and was pretty close to what i wanted. I turned up the center by 1, and turned the power on subwoofer up just a hair. I tried the dragon fight in Goblet of Fire and was moved to giddiness.

    I am still trying to get my ps3 to send the Dolby True HD over MPCM, but all i get is dolby 5.1 right now. I'll figure that out in time I'm sure.
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    Glad you got it up and running, to bad about the front speakers not having holes to hang on the wall, ill probably risk drilling small holes and hanging them anyway. I'll probably regret doing it by ruining the speakers but its a shot I'm willing to take. Good luck getting the true HD to work.
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