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    44 40.37%
  • HD-DVD

    59 54.13%
  • Equal amount of both

    6 5.50%
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    Default Which format do you own the most movies of? Poll - Blue, Red, or Equal

    I did a few searches before posting this polled thread, cause I was surprised it hasn't been done yet. This could get similar results to the who owns what player poll, except a lot of the dual supporters may side with one selection over the other.

    My vote is for blu-ray... I'm 66 to 16 on blue versus red movies owned.

    Edited to Link in some slightly different red vs blue polls I found...

    What Format do you Prefer?

    HD DVD or Blu-ray. What do you OWN?!!

    Blu-ray owners professionals & HD DVD owners students

    Who here still thinks this "War" won't end in a stalemate?
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    Default Shocked

    Because my taste in movies leans so heavily to the blue side, I'm totally shocked at all of these poll results leaning so red!!!

    Is it that the blue folks just don't like answering polls?
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    251 on HD DVD and 166 on Blu-ray
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    Default Switch result order?

    Is there a way for me to switch the order or color of the poll results graph? (this is my first poll) It kind of counter intuitive having a blue bar for HD DVD and a red bar for Blue-ray! LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by xradman View Post
    251 on HD DVD and 166 on Blu-ray
    Holy smokes BatMan!!! Thats an impressive collection! I'm not worthy!
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    I don't think you should include neutral titles, because if you do it basically becomes a, "What format do you buy Warner titles in?" thread.
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    I buy HD DVD when there is a choice.
    Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
    My HD list.
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    I started off about one year ago with Red and went purple about four months ago.
    So since then I've been 'catching up' on Blu titles that I've been wanting to buy.
    Now I have about 85 or so of each format. Buying Tremors and Omega Man in Red....Blade Runner and Harry Potter in Blu.....
    Then, planning on purchasing : Bourne Ultimatum, Shoot 'em Up, Sunshine, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. get the picture.
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    Rigaud, QC
    And the only reason I have more BR now, is because of the BOGOF. I probably bought over 20 movies in the last month alone because of them. And maybe 3 HDDVD's (Shrek The Third, Old School, and Anchorman).

    I still haven't bought a new BR in the last month because I know in a month or so (probably around when Bourne comes out), I will be able to get them all for Half price. It's the only way BR can sell. Please HDDVD camp, make some specials.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spideybat View Post
    I buy HD DVD when there is a choice.
    I buy only HD DVD. There was one title on Blu-ray that I would have liked to have in high-def (Close Encounters) but after seeing the PQ I thought the BD wouldn't have been worth getting over the standard DVD anyway.
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    Almost equal in number BUT I count Star Trek Season 1, Heroes and Planet Earth on HDDVD as "1" each so i'm actually pretty tilted red...
    Blu-ray - 214

    HDDVD - *47 (Including Planet Earth, Heroes S1 and Star Trek S1) *Soon to be rare collector's items!
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    Nov 2007
    Blu-ray 110
    HD DVD 20

    I buy Blu when given the choice (Warner and Paramount prior to September).
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    Jun 2007
    Even though blu-Ray has more titles available 450+ and more movie backing, alot of people prefer HD-DVD titles. I am new to High-Def I got only 16 HD and 2 Blu-ray.
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    Mine is HD-DVD but that's just because I just got a PS3 so the Pendulum may swing...
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    I have slightly more BD over HD (13 BD and 11 HD DVD), but that has no bearing on preference, just the choice of movies I have at this time.

    I actually have no preference of either format.

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