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    I remember hearing about and reading that sometimes a Directors Cut or an Unrated Cut is WORSE than the theatrical version.. We all know why that can be (maybe the scenes were cut for a reason and made a film too slow.. etc).

    Sometimes the Unrated/Directors Cut is better than the theatrical, and we all know what THAT can be (maybe the studio wanted a film to be 2 hours yet the natural length of the film was 2 hours 20 minutes.. or it had to be edited to get an "R" rating..etc)

    Is there an opinion list that has a "vs" of UNRATED vs THEATRICAL?

    I know off hand that the UNRATED DIRECTORS CUT of JET LI'S FEARLESS is better than the THEATRICAL.

    Maybe it was unrated directors cut of Apocalypse Now that was better off in its Theatrical form.. or maybe it was Directors Cut of Close Encounters..etc

    Anyone know? And in general, do you prefer the theatrical or unrated?
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    For me it really depends on the film and WHO is making the choices. If it's the director I'm all for it, but if it's just a ploy from the studio I'm not.

    For some people they just are so used to the theatrical that any alterations don't feel right because it changes the way they felt about the film when they 1st saw it. For some films it's like a time capsule, the same way some music brings you right back to a specific spot in your life.
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    I cant really vote for one choice because it depends entirely on which film it is.

    Apocalypse Now Redux for instance is better than Apocalypse Now however the directors cut of Donnie Darko isnt as good as the original version.
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    How many bloody polls do we have to have on here?!

    I don't think there's a clear cut right answer to this question. Depends on the movie.
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    Option 3: Depends on the film.

    LoTR --> Extended cuts
    The Warriors --> Theatrical without the awful comic book transitions.
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    Option 3 as well: Depends on the film

    Look at Last of the Mohicans. The theatrical version in my opinion is better than the Directors Cut. So it really depends. If they ever do release LotM I at least hope they give us both versions. Since the DC is more prevalent (the theatrical cut was never released on DVD only VHS.
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    It pretty hard to say because it varies. Typically I would vote Unrated for comedies, since I presume they restore bits that had to be cut in order to get an R or PG-13 rating. But this isn't a sure thing either- look at Dumb and Dumber. The Unrated cut is horrible and ruins a lot of the jokes and comic timing from the original theatrical version.

    Also look at the wording: Is it an "Extended Cut," or is it a "Director's Cut?" I'm a bit dubious about Extended Cuts because they likely just shove back in deleted scenes that were specifically cut by the director for various possible reasons. Then again, I have a few movies that are labeled "Director's Cut" that aren't, like Alien, or that I'm not sure about, like the Lethal Weapon Director's Cuts that seem to simply reinsert a couple of scenes. It can be quite confusing, especially when you don't know or can't remember what the original version was like in the first place.

    This is why I love seamless branching and wish every studio would always use it for Blu-Ray if there is more than one cut. Then you can simply watch both and see which you prefer.
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    Well it's a poor assumption to make that all Unrated/Extended cuts are Director's Cuts. Many directors are able to get their cut into theaters. Gladiator is a good example. The DC is the theatrical version.. which of course is great because the extended version is much worse.

    Donnie Darko is a good example of the theatrical being better than the DC

    Overall I usually watch the DC if available. Other than that for horror or comedy I'll usually go with unrated, dramas I usually stick to the theatrical.
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    If I have to choose between the 2 options would have to be theatrical. It's often the original release that I find enjoyable or not. If I hate the film, no amount of additional footage will make up for the fact that I couldn't stand it in the first place.

    However, if I enjoyed the film, a DC will either enhance or harm the experience. The DC versions of Blade Runner, Alien3, and The Professional were incredible compared to their theatrical or US released counterparts. While the tampering of films like Warriors, Donnie Darko, and Payback provided mostly undesirable results.

    My ultimate choice is to have all options on the table. Let me see the original AND the Director's modified/tampered/updated versions.
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    These are the exact answers I was looking for; especially for which THEATRICAL VERSIONS were better:

    The Warriors = Theatrical Version
    Last of the Mohicans = The Theatrical Version
    Dumb and Dumber = The Theatrical Version is better - Unrated cut is horrible and ruins a lot of the jokes and comic timing
    Donnie Darko = theatrical being better

    (I actually remember hearing that the uncut version of DUMB & DUMBER is horrible from a friend years ago!! I guess its really true that the uncut version is bad)
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    voted unrated cut but it really depends on the movie.
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    It really depends on the reason why there are different versions.....

    If a uncut verison of the film exists due to the director thinking scenes should be cut out due to the flow of things..... Then I am all in for it. Which truely the dvd needs to say extended and not uncut.

    If a film was released in Theatres and was cut down due to it needing to be PG13 or not NC17. Then Hell ya Ill enjoy then the Uncut verison a whole lot better.

    I am ready for Uncut Taken

    The Directors cut for payback has to be one of the most changed films I have ever saw from the difference in the Theaterical verison. The Theaterical Verison is a Million times better.
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    How about for CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK? The Bluray gives ya the choice to watch either the Theatrical Cut or Unrated Directors Cut..
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    Quote Originally Posted by psickmusic View Post
    How about for CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK? The Bluray gives ya the choice to watch either the Theatrical Cut or Unrated Directors Cut..
    I have watched both versions and the same with Pitch Black and I must admit that the David Twohy's cuts are much better than the theatrical cuts. For one, some of the violence is cut down in the theatrical cuts. Secondly, there's a lost of missing dialogue in both movies that is reinstated with Twohy's cuts.
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    Donnie Darko theatrical > Uncut
    Pineapple express thearical > Uncut
    Army of Darkness theatrical < Directors Cut
    Aliens theatrical < Special edition

    And there are plenty others of course.

    I normally lean with Directors cuts but it all depends.
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