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    Default HD DVD vs Progressive Scan

    Call me dumb, but is HD DVD really that much better than the High-end progressive scan DVD players? Thanks on educating me....
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    ill be the first to line up. You are dumb. Now to undumb-efy you, ill leave it to others to take care of that task
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    I would definately say so. A sometimes find it hard to watch DVDs now, because I start pin pointing out the not so great quality, and I focus less on the actual movie.
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    Yea sorry dude im gonna have to agree with illegal on this one. You got a progressive scan DVD player outputing 480p max resolution with a DVD that is roughly 480 lines to 540 lines (depending on the disc) Then you got the same movie on HD-DVD thats encoded in 1080p VC1 codec. I am sorry but if you cannot tell the difference between 480 lines versus 1080, more than double, then you really should donate your eye balls to a blind person so that they can enjoy the 1080p goodness. Sorry if it sounds rude, but I am sure most of the guys here would agree when I say that this thread should not even be here. If you havent even actually compared the two then you really shouldnt have posted this.
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    But if the OP is using a high-end upscaling DVD player, then I feel the question is a valid one. On some titles, you will have to look for the subtle differences when comparing an upscaled picture to its HD equivalent.

    However, on most of the decent releases there should be a noticeable difference - although not an obvious one imo. Sometimes the difference can only be appreciated once you go back to viewing a normal SD-DVD.
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    The difference between an upconverted DVD and HD DVD/Blu-ray becomes more and more noticable as the screen size gets larger.

    If you don't already have a large screen I would suggest spending your money on a quality big screen (50"+) HDTV first and then worry about HD DVD or Blu-ray vs upconverted DVD. If you already have a good HDTV I think you will be presently surprised if you upgrade.
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    Thanks for the honest answers....I was just checking to see if this forum had indviduals who really not what they are talking about. I have been on some many forums where people had no clue?


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