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    Cool The Crow 1 & 2 (Extended versions)

    I want more than anything the full uncut versions of both these films. They cut something like 40 minutes from each movie. The first movie they cut out all the skull cowboy scenes and length of some of the murder scenes watering it down. Since this was Brandon Lee's last film and because he has so little films out there (and best film imo), they should release a version with all of his scenes and at least give the option of watching the theatrical or extended version. I've seen alot of the footage of this and I know it kind of changes the plot of the movie but i would still like to see it all put together.

    The second movie they cut most of the dark scenes to water down the movie and make it more of a pg-13 movie. They cut so many needed scenes it kind of made the movie suck. Put it back the way it was meant to be!

    I know they cut all movies anymore to make them pg-13 for the theaters but where the hell is the unrated extended versions that the newer movies get when released to disk??!!

    k done. someone important involved with the films read that..

    I actually found a 720p rip of the import BD and the quality kind of sucked. hopefully they wont release that version to the US. Maybe the real BD looks better but I wouldn't know since it's region locked.
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    Crow would be a good movie to get on Blu, as long as the blacks/transfer looks okay. Most of the movie is dark naturally so I hope the tranfer does it justice. Should be nice to hear some of the scenes in lossless as well.
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    i dont know who distributes it, b/c it seems all the miramax films seem to be done by Disney.
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    I've never heard of an uncut Crow 1 .I've also heard that the import blu ray looks like crap.
    Crow 2 sucked.
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    I love both movies too. City of Angels isn't for everybody, but it's extremely artistic and unique. Good soundtrack too.

    However these are Miramax movies and they have some kind of policy about avoiding director's cuts that would change the film's rating... I don't think you could do a DC that reinserted the Skull Cowboy scenes and still made sense the whole way through, could you? I'd love to see the deleted scenes from part 2.

    And man, 3 was so bad. Kirsten Dunst and that Resident Evil guy did such a bad job, as well as everyone else involved. Never saw 4.
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    I had no idea there were uncut versions of these movies. I'd love to see the uncut version of 1, one of my favorite movies and Brandon Lee's best. Would love to see them on .
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    Yeah, I know they cut the skull cowboy scenes because it changed the movie alot. It might have made it cheesy, but I would still like to see it. At least add the scenes as a bonus feature.

    The Crow 3 and 4 sucked bad. I really didn't like part 2 the first time I saw it, but I watched it a couple years later and liked it alot. I think you have to watch it knowing it's not going to be anything like the original, But very artistic.

    I didn't like the tv series either.

    Rob Zombie was supposed to make the 3rd one. It never happened obviously. He got fired because they didn't like the script he wrote. He took the script and was going to make the movie "Legend Of The 13 Graves" with it. that never happened either.... I bet they wish now he had done it.
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    oh yeah, this was the plot of the rob zombie Crow in case you were curious:

    The story begins in the year 2010 when a young boy and his mother are murdered by a Satanic priest. The boy returns as The Crow, unaware of his past. Over the next 26 years he becomes a bounty hunter and eventually has a confrontation with his "now-all-powerful" murderer.

    set in the year 2037... I bet it would be a great film if Zombie finally did it.
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    It would be impossible to put an extended version of the 1st Crow out. A lot went unfinished and/or discarded due to Brandon's death. This is why I love Brandon's portrayal as there was no looping done for his voice. Everything he said is from the actual soundstage recordings which made it feel grittier. He really was AMAZING in this film.

    The skull cowboy scenes were actually redundant and really slowed the pacing down. I have a VHS of the workprint. Some little snippets here and there were nice along with some different takes and angles but the cowboy scenes made the film screech to a halt.

    The finished film has a great pace. This film needs to be left alone as it was soo hard for them to actually come back and finish it the 1st time.
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    I agree. I saw a print with the skull scenes and it was pretty lame. He really had no business in the film other than to explain everything that was going on.

    The Crow is brilliant as it is. The film with a good tranfer, the same bonus features and maybe some new material would be all i want.
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    The Crow is one of my all-time favorites. That would have made Brandon Lee a star.

    I have no interest in any of the other films, they were all garbage IMO.
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    One of the workprints I have is 20 minutes longer than the version released and it doesnt even have the skull cowboy scenes. There's more cut than just that.

    Whether or not to add the skull cowboy scenes is always up for debate. I have both workprints leaked and a behind the scenes disk filmed by people on the set. The one workprint released was by fans and it was just pieces of the skull cowboy scenes so it didnt make much sense... I cant base my decision on that. On The behind the scenes disk you can see scenes from the skull cowboy (with brandon lee) that weren't on the workprint. It might have been cheesy but it would be cool if they added them at least as a bonus feature.

    I agree it was great the way it was... but Is an alternate cut not worth at least seeing? it's not like they cant add the option. I've seen dvd's that gave you an option to watch the unmastered deleted scenes included in the movie. That would be fine.

    You can see some of the extended and alternate scenes as well as a couple of the skull cowboy scenes on youtube.
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    It sounds as if you either have seen most of the material or have it in your possession in some form. So I don't understand your problem.

    There is NO alternative cut. It would make it a completely different movie. As far as all the parties that made the film are concerned the final cut is just that THE FINAL CUT.

    No studio in their right mind wants to dig through cutting room floor snippets to reassemble back into a viable workprint that pretty much has no sound. They'd have to subtitle 40% of the film just so you can see a version that didn't work.

    Most of the edits made had nothing to do with Brandon's death. This film brings dread to the folks involved. Most won't even speak about it.

    Be happy with the what you have and celebrate the film the way it was done.
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    Oh, I do believe they took the best examples of surviving footage to make the montage on the dvd.

    And I do understand your wanting to see it BUT most of it probably didn't survive. And again without the sound it makes no sense to really want to watch it because you don't get his performance without the voice.

    Have you read the script? You should.
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    Theres only like 3 scenes on the dvd special edition cut from the movie. I've seen 10 times that in just the one workprint. What I'm saying is there is still alot cut from the movie that was completed and Lee fans would like to see. Like extended fight scenes as well as little scenes like how/why he had black tape wrapped around him that were key parts of the story and included in the workprint or test screenings but not the final cut.

    Whether or not they are added into the movie for an unrated or extended cut or as a bonus feature filled Special edition disk with deleted scenes, it would honor his memory more to put out a Beautiful quality blu ray with loads of extra scenes of Brandon rather than to and leave it all be forgotten. 99% of his fans would like to see more of him, not less. Especially since there's so little of his work. They have to go back and revisit this release for Blu Ray anyhow... So why not add all the extras you can fit and do it proper.

    ..and Yeah, I still would like to see a more complete version of the movie as Brandon Lee saw it and fell in love with it. The people who gave it the "FINAL CUT" would do better to think more about honoring the memory of Brandon and less about themselves. They go back and recut movies all the time... why not this one? Is this not the wishlists section? lol

    And the workprints floating around are sh!t quality... almost unwatcheable So yea I would like to see better quality scenes one way or another.
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