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    Default Socom Problems!!

    My cousin and I both bought the Socom bundle after 2 grueling long installs when we tried to play it, it said corrupt saved data so we re-installed and still didn't work. Anyone experience similiar issues, any suggestions?
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    I had the same issue, I think you can hit O and it will bypass and create the file. I didn't reinstall when it came up.
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    we stuck at the network initialization failed screen
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    You may want to check out I think they posted an article about these issues and a link to a forum with others that are expierencing problems.
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    if you haven't already....go to save data utility at the top of the games xmb and then delete the save file. after the install you have to start the data fresh. great game with tremendous sound effects. will be much improved when they get the server issues taken care of!

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    meh i'm having the same problems. after finally getting into a couple of games i managed to play a few rounds. then randomly it would freeze and the PS3 would restart. this happened twice. seriously, i hate when they rush games to completion and they end up being half assed.
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    I'm about to sell this game. It one of the most unfinished products i've ever touched.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hwalker84 View Post
    I'm about to sell this game. It one of the most unfinished products i've ever touched.
    I'm already there. I am going to trade the game in today & put it towards LBP. I tried to be patient with this game but I got disconnected so many times last night, I got so frustrated.

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    Yeah I'm having the same problems. I re-installed it twice and i finally bypassed it by hitting the O button the second time, pretty much on accident really. And I agree with what has been said, very unfinished, I was mid game when it froze and it restarted on me. This happened twice. I'm thinking of trading it in for something worth while.
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    They need to get these servers up and running properly because my console freezes alot.
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    SOCOM patch 1.20 will be out tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, SOCOM Confrontation has been plagued with a number of game stability issues since release. The bugs have been significant, rendering the game unplayable in many situations. A patch tomorrow will fix a myriad of problems:

    * Fixed many issues which would cause the game to crash, hang, disconnect and exit to the PS3 XMB.
    * Fixed an issue which would cause large numbers of players in a high player count game to be simultaneously disconnected.
    * Fixed an issue which would cause players to be invincible.
    * Fixed a physics issue which would cause players to occasionally "warp" around on the map.
    * Fixed an issue where a "corrupt save data" message would be incorrectly displayed after updating the game.
    * Fixed some player model issues related to team swapping.
    * Client/server optimization.
    * Fixed an issue where the scope camera had an incorrect offset from the barrel of the gun while prone or leaning/peeking.

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