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    Default Can the wireless internet signal on a PS3 be improved?

    I try to use the internet with my PS3. I have wireless broadband, but the loading times are very slow and the signal strength is only 25%. I currently use the Apple Express Base Station. Is there a way to make it faster?
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    I use an older wireless router and have never had any problems with the signal that goes to my PS3 or my Wii. I have heard that if you go into the settings on your router and change the "channel" the router is on that the wireless signal can improve.
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    Try channels 1, 6 and 11 if your router allows.
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    Listen to NIN, but other than the usual methods of signal strength boosts i.e: better positioning/ line of sight, removing cordless phones/ doorbells, etc. theres nothing you can do to physically boost the PS3's signal strength. CAT5e wire not an option? Even running it through a wall isn't that difficult. A nice shiny ethernet jack faceplate in the wall looks fine.

    Try experimenting with positioning the router or PS3, YMMV.
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    You could always try something on your router such as this homemade thingy.
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    Tin foil on the router.
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    Not really the same thing being discussed here but have you set up port forwarding on your router? I cant remember the link to the settings but you should be able to google it.

    Obviously this doesnt improve your signal strength but it did make my connection faster. With 'Warhawk' for example it wouldn't let me use the blutooth headset in games before I set it up but does now that my connection comes in as a faster speed.
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    Use a cable if you can, using wireless g is bad for only giving you a percentage of your max speed.
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    Your best bet is to install a high gain antenna to maximize your signal strength and throughput. This is an example of what I am talking about:

    In the simplest terms, the bigger the antenna, the better the signal.

    If you really wanted to go overkill and felt adventurous, you could buy a next-generation N router and install a wireless N bridge in your PS3. N has twice the range and four times the throughput of G.
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    Quote Originally Posted by james View Post

    If you really want to go overkill and felt adventurous, I would buy a next generation N router and install a wireless N bridge in your PS3. N has twice the range and four times the throughput of G.
    True, I have a N wireless system and I get over 90% of my max 10 mb line compared to if I run it in G and get 3.5 mb max. N is just sooo much better.
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    I'm curious what the OP meant by it loads slow? What exactly loads slow? I know that the PSN is much MUCH slower to download from then both LIVE and The Wii virtual console. However as far as basic networking goes, videos/music/photos load as quick, if not a slight bit quicker on my ps3 then on my 360. I use a wireless g router located in an adjacent room about 20 feet from my setup, and signal quality is usually great. The only problems I've ever truly had have involved slow load times from the ps network, and thats not a result of the router or connection, but rather the network store itself. If this is what the op was referring to then there is currently little that can be done... Though if the problem is across all systems, games, and uses, then adjusting settings on the router will help.

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