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Reload this Page From Sony: Limited-Edition White PS3 Bundle Hits January 27th in NA With 1 year PS+
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    Default From Sony: Limited-Edition White PS3 Bundle Hits January 27th in NA With 1 year PS+

    Comes with a 500GB hard drive and a MSRP of $299.99.

    After producing a series of white PS3s for every territory other than North America, Sony finally relents with the latest PS3 bundle.

    The bundle touts not only a white version of the latest PS3 design but also a 500GB hard drive, and an instant collection of twelve games through the PlayStation Plus service. Those purchasers who already subscribe to PS Plus have the option to add a year to their term.

    Membership details for new PS Plus members:

    12 Hit games including LittleBigPlanet™ 2, inFAMOUS™ 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One™, and more added each month

    Access to member exclusive Game Betas, Demos and Features

    Exclusive discounts of 10% - 75% on the PlayStation® Store

    1 GB of cloud storage and automatic game saves and system updates

    6 Additional games unlocked for your PS Vita system

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    I like the white, but not this iteration. I wish I could get a white phatty.

    Also, does the silver stand come with the package? I've seen it in the promotional pictures but there's no mention of it in the package contents (that I could find).
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    I bought a white controller years ago to go with my MGS4 PS3 Phat, and I also have little love for this latest revision. This is the best version I have seen of it though.

    There is a screen at 45 seconds into the video where it is stated
    "PS Vita System Sold Separately
    Stand Sold Separately"

    A matching stand would have been a nice inclusion.
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    Great business move on Sony's part. Good way to move some stock before the PS4 comes out.
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    ps3 Red VS Blue: Red and Blue PS3s Detailed for Japan

    250GB Super Slim Versions to release on February 28th.

    Just as it seemed that North America would be blessed with the latest color variant for PlayStation hardware with the limited edition white bundle, Sony announced that Japan will get not one but two new colors in "limited qualities."

    The red variant is referred to as 'Garnet Red,' while blue is labeled as 'Asurite Blue.'

    500GB European versions have been spotted on Amazon.de, but nothing yet for US.

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    I picked up a new PS3 super slim on Black Friday, I like it. Feels a little cheaper, but I can turn off the power by holding the power button. The top loader is ok, cause you can open it when the system is off. My old fatty was pretty loud as well.
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    My fat died a while back and I replaced it with the new slim. It's louder than my fat was when I got that new, but not as loud as my fat was at the end of its days. Overall I think it's fine. Not as sweet as the last version of the PS2 though.
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    Woah!!!! I want the Blue PS3 considering they said it's Azure, oh man.

    edit: Oh and am I the only one thinking Sony is buttering up people so much with how PS+ has so many PS3 games available because the next PS will definitely not be BC?
    Frankly I'd prefer they continue with the CELL but really get out there and help developers for the next console gen. Just because you're use to x86 architecture doesn't mean that another way may yield a tremendous amount more computing power. Granted it may be more difficult to program for.
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    that's amazing
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    This is the best version I have ever seen!
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    i love this ps3 cant wait to play gta 5 on it.

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