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    Got Quantum of Solace and The World Is Not Enough from Amazon the other day.
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    Feb 2008
    Chronicles of Narnia - Lion, Witch & Wardrobe
    Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army (pretty good film, I was surprised)
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    I went crazy on and recently.

    What can I say though...I've been working hard and wanted to treat myself.

    I got:

    Donnie Brasco
    The Untouchables
    The Warriors
    Life Of Brian
    2010: The Year We Make Contact
    In the Line of Fire
    Can't Hardly Wait
    Body of Lies

    and then from the 3 for 2:

    Almost Famous
    The Rock
    Con Air
    Enemy of the State
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    Picked up Pride & Glory and Sin City (a week early)
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    Quantum of Solace
    Bedtime Stories
    The Punisher: Warzone
    War Inc
    Planet Terror
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clear View Post
    i'll post the first pic of the thread. Stopped by the shop for some early releases

    Some amazon canada orders came in too

    You got The Wrestler? You son of a bitch

    how's the transfer? I got that movie reserved, I cant wait!
    Blu-Ray : 115Movies
    Last Blu-Ray Purchase: The Slammin' Salmon, The Collector
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    I picked up "Chocolate" from BB today (thank God for rewards points and price matching )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightfury82 View Post
    Damn shame the original thread was removed. Nobody has said why either.
    Be calm. No one knows. No need for tinfoil hats.

    My current guess is that it got archived.
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    Default hey guys

    just picked these up on thursday...did not have time to get online

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    Just ordered Planet Earth from Amazon. Will be released April 24th I believe.
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    Just pre-ordered from Amazon:

    X-Men Trilogy, Big, Ferris Bueller, Major League & Something about Mary.
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    Not too much to add in lately, but glad Red Cliff 2 finally came in. The picture is outstanding to say the least. Also added in two more SteelBooks™. Staring to run out of room for this shelf, and I only upgraded it a couple months ago.

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    i still haven't received my Amazon orders
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    - Resident Evil: Extinction, dumb movie, but entertaining and actiony

    Been picking up HD-DVDs lately and scored myself a near-new Toshiba HD-E1, so i've been picking up a few bargains on some great movies and the odd Universal release yet to hit Blu.
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    Thanks for restarting this thread Ben

    I just picked up
    Hunt for Red October
    Clear and Present Danger
    Live from Abbey Road: Best of Season one

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