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    Default Ulzana's Raid Released in France

    After a long wait, I see that the great Robert Aldrich western 'Ulzana's Raid' is now available on BluRay in a "restored version" in France. It goes under the title 'Fureur Apache' and is a dual disc/2 version version with both English and French languages.

    This looks to be a new transfer and is most certainly not the Italian language only version available there.

    Has anybody seen it? I'd love to get a review up here. It's EUR19.99 on
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    I have the disc now. Three versions in the pack.
    Original European theatrical version in English on BluRay
    'Restored version' in French on BluRay
    The 'Lancaster Cut' on DVD (PAL)

    I've watched the Original Version and the film looks fantastic. Certainly the best I've ever seen it and this version is the most complete I've seen. The familiar censor cuts have been restored and the remaster looks stunning - there's a lovely sense of film grain without that awful 70's look that many of its contemporaries have.

    Sound is clear and crisp.

    It's worth noting that 'Ulzana's Raid' exists in many versions and many territories did their own cuts in different media, so running times are all over the place. My censor-related comments refer to the original UK release.

    It's also worth taking a look at ElephantFilms online. This French company is home to many restored classics which you all might like. They've done a deal with Universal and lots of their rarer library titles are there. Douglas Sirk fans will be especially pleased!

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    Kind of sad that the restored version is in French. Over the years we have seen some pretty serious censoring of films in the European market.
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