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    Blu-ray change blu ray player region code

    anyone know if theres a way yet to change the region code on your blu ray players ? i know you can on regular dvd players but havent herd anything yet about blu ray players being able to be region free. im trying to unlock my LG BH200 player ive searched online for info to unlock but nothing yet. if you have any info please post. thanks
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    Not possible as of yet without voiding your warranty. Just import your player. Problem solved. Worked for me
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    Anything new in this regard ?
    I have a Panasonic DMP-BD30 (Region 1), but I live in South Africa (Region 2). Anybody know of a way to unlock the region code ?
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    The UK version of the BD 30 can be region hacked for SD-DVD. Think it we be a while before we see region free for Blu-ray regions
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    there is a mod kit you can order for the bd-30.
    that's about it for the moment.
    I haven't gotten it myself, so I can't confirm it works, but I would assume it does.
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    I have a Panasonic BD30 with the multi-region mod. It plays all regions BDs and DVDs and so far it's never failed to play a disc. Got it with the mod already installed though. It was expensive at about $780 but I havn't regret buying it and it was cheaper than my BD10...
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    I've wondered that since Blu-ray players can run Java code, if someone could make a loader program that bypasses region coding.

    I'm thinking back to the Sega Dreamcast, which had region coding on its games. I had a Game Shark type disc, where you loaded it into the Dreamcast and it ran a program that took you to a boot screen.

    You then removed the disc, put in an import game, and hit the play button on the boot screen. It would then launch the game. The region coding came from the boot disc, and then the launcher would play the game disc, without needing to check region code again.

    It seems like there would be at least some chance of this being a possible region hack with a BD player, since BD players launch Java code at startup...
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    I am from Australia. Any DVD player sold her must be capable of being made region free. However I am not sure about DVD Blu-Ray.
    However I have purchased a Laser BD-BLU1080 player and it includes instructions how to change the Blu-Ray codes to allow playing of Blu-Ray DVD's from all regions.
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    It sucks right? Why the BR players had that restriction, IF NOW ALL THE DVD PLAYERS ARE ALL REGIONS

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