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Thread: LG OLED TVs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Liu View Post
    @dbacksfan Even though my 3D movie collection is relatively small only about 20-30 films, it was still an absolute must for me. I'm still kind of bummed that it's going away in the consumer market, but it is what it is. Out with the old (3D) in with the new (HDR/WCG). I think you'll be very happy with the E series once you get it. Despite my quibble with the look of the soundbar, it definitely still has a premium look over the B and C series. Plus, as you mentioned, you can take full advantage of maximizing viewing angles.
    Thanks, Jon! My 3D movie collection is about the same size as yours (maybe even smaller), but I just love the 3D so much I am unwilling to part with it. I am hoping for some good sales around Super Bowl time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbacksfan View Post
    Are the TV store salesmen trying to push the curved screens? I was in at Best Buy today with my wife to pick up something else, so decided to show her the LG OLED TVs. I talked to the salesman about the viewing angles and - just like the salesman at Costco - he said the viewing angle was BETTER with the curved screen. That's contrary to everything I have heard everywhere else. I mentioned that to him, and he stood by his statement. I also said I had heard the curved screens were being phased out, and he said just the opposite...that production of curved screens was increasing. I think I will stick with the flat screen, but I found this interesting...and disheartening.
    These aren't professionals. These are guys who are told to push certain items. And one of those items is the curved screens. They want them off the floor before it's too late. I'm not surprised in the least.

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    That's not always the case. Many of the sales associates at Best Buy are just misinformed and I think that was just the case with David's experience. I actually worked at Best Buy this last holiday season as a 2nd job part time just to help get through the holidays. At least at the store I worked at, well over half of the HT department were actually quite well versed in a lot of the TVs and techs. It was actually a pleasure working at this store because there were enough people who knew what the heck they were talking about, most of the time. They didn't push curved TVs, since most of the HT department knew that that curved screens at home was a gimmick and mainly just a preference.

    It was also really nice because pretty much everyone knew the benefits and pushed for OLED sales, save for one uninformed Sony expert who only wanted to sell his Z9D series and would spout off falsities, bad mouthing all other brands to get his sales. In fact, that store led OLED sells in all the west coast Best Buy locations.

    Maybe my experience was atypical, though. I'm sure it varies greatly from store to store and employee to employee, but there definitely are some decently knowledgeable employees out there that work at retail companies like Best Buy.

    Certainly, if you get those people who don't know what they are talking about, it can be a disheartening and frustrating experience to deal with them.
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    I bought the 55 inch curved LG in November by accident. It was on sale for 1798. When I got it home I realized it was curved. I was not a fan of curved TVs but in actuality it is not much of a distraction. Also, I've read that although curved aren't necessarily going away, they are eliminating 3D.

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    I'm still waiting for a 1080P OLED TV from any brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juio View Post
    I'm still waiting for a 1080P OLED TV from any brand.
    Been there, done that, LG had plenty in the 2015 and 2016 lineups which are still available to purchase.

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    Inventory of the C6P (the 2016 models) are running low.
    Awfully tempted to buy one.

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