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    Default PS3 Distorted Color on HDTV

    My friend just purchased a PS3 and it plays fine but if he leaves it connected to his TV it distorts the color. So, to watch TV/Movies he has to disconnect his PS3. I haven't had a chance to run over there and look it over and I haven't purchased my PS3 yet so I have no ideas about what to do. Anyone have an idea as to why this might be happening? Any and all help is appreciated.

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    Um, you might want to ask this in the Blu-ray hardware section instead of HD DVD, since the PS3 plays Blu-ray, but I'm sure the Mods will move it shortly.

    How is the PS3 connected to his TV - directly from the PS3 with an HDMI cable? Does his TV have more than one HDMI input. How is he watching "TV/Movies"? - Through a cable or satellite box? Is that also connected to the TV with an HDMI cable.

    Assuming all the above guesses are correct, there's something wrong with the TV's HDMI input connections. If it's still under warranty, complain to have it checked.
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    I apologize for posting in the wrong forum. I blame my lack of sleep. Like I said, I haven't had a chance to get all of the specifics. I will get those later after I've had a chance to sleep. I was hoping to get a general idea of what might be wrong or at least a place to start looking. Thanks for your help.

    (If an admin could move this to the correct forum I would appreciate it)
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    I don't know why his color is messed up but if you're worried about it I can tell you that mine hasn't distorted anything yet.
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    This much I will say; the more you read through these forums, the more unique problems you hear about. I've never heard of such a thing, myself. It would seem that the problem does indeed lie either with the TV or with the connections. I guess the only way anyone can properly diagnose the problem is with intimate details. Sorry, dude.
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    Ok, I went over to my friend's house today and here are the details. He has a 2yr old rear projection HDTV. He purchased the $109.00 HDMI cable to connect his PS3 to his TV. The game he has atm is Transformers (I don't know why he bought that game. I'd like to beat him for him buying it). Once we boot the game up the sound becomes somewhat distorted, I messed with his TV settings and it's somewhat less noticeable but still there. We tried Madden 2007 (PS2 game obviously) and the sound is just fine. Now, the big issue. After playing for awhile a scrolling pink bar shows up on the screen and does not go away. Also, when the system is turned off the bar will remain until the HDMI cable is unhooked. We tried a new HDMI cable and ran into the same problems. I hope these details hope a bit. Thanks for all the help/comment so far and thanks in advance for any future help.


    **Edit** Also, the AV cables that came with his system do NOT work no matter what settings we adjust on his TV. Not say they're defective but we cannot get a picture or sound from them.
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    i believe that once you've set the system for HDMI output for video/audio you either need to completely reset the system or manually set the output for composite/component and output.

    that is very weird re: what's happening with the colors. assuming that the tv isn't borked (does it work with other HD input?), check in the display settings for the ps3 to make sure the selected output modes are compatible with the tv; maybe have your friend disable and enable them one at a time to see if it's a specific display mode is causing the problem?
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    Yeah it is set for HDMI but we can go through the others when I go over there tomorrow. Honestly, I think it is the TV but I am not an expert. Thanks for the tip.

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    Get the model number of the TV and any other associated equipment and we'll see what we can do. This should be moved to the Home Theater Gear section, you'll have more people reading that one that knows how to fix things - I know it's been moved once but this affects more than just the PS3.

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