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    Default Any Bluray player out there with full capability to resume?

    I am really tired (and kind of sick) of the the incapability of players not able to resume Bluray discs (presumably BD-Java as I learned) automatically. This is a major hassle as the functionality has been supported all the way back to analog tape days. Before the next generation HD format with the fix is out, I'd like to get some players with some smart fix to this issue. I do like the better video quality of Bluray, but this major shortcoming is really preventing me from completely switching from DVD.

    So anyone knows any Bluray players can do this? Thanks.
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    No blu-ray player is able to resume all blu-ray disc, because those using Java cannot be resumed by the player. Disney BDs can't be resumed by the player, they seem determined to make you sit through the fireworks an Hooray! It's Disney!, and the make you use either the Main Menu or Chapter Skip button to skip though all their annoying trailers. But starting with Up! once it get's through that they programed a feature into the Java that detects you didn't finish watching the entire disc previously and a pop-up message appears and asks you if you want to resume. But maybe that's a Pixar thing, because I can't get that to work with Fantasia. And Avatar asks me if I want to resume, but that's from the disc, not my player.

    Many studios don't use Java, so any Warner BD can be resumed, and Paramount. Many players support resume for non-Java BDs. My Oppo player does a great job of it. And the Dec. firmware for my Samsung BDP2500 enable resume for non-Java discs, so I assume most Samsung players support it.

    And I agree wholeheartedly, resume is a great feature and they really should have thought it through and had it implemented on blu-ray from day 1. I use it alot for DVD, when watching a second movie or maybe one after watching some TV and don't finish it before I decide it's time for bed. Great to be able to his hit Play the next day and start where you left off.
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    I guess ya'll are talking about putting the disc back in the next day and it knows where you stopped watching.
    that is an awesome feature.
    I love that on the Disney discs and wish Criterion would start offering that.
    what I'd like to know is if there are players now that can start the movie back from where you were when you hit STOP while watching a bd because you are interrupted.
    THAT issue has got to be the most frustrating issue to me.
    I'm assuming this is a very similar issue to "resume" and I feel like I maybe have heard that this issue has been resolved in some players.
    any info on this Cochise?
    I am looking for a new player right now to upgrade from my original Panny bd-30 and if there is a player that continues the movie from STOP vs. starting the disc back from the beginning I would like to know which one--or ones--it is.
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    Yeah, either taking the disc out or just leaving it in and powering off the player. The Oppo can remember where you left off for up to 4 discs, DVD & non-java BD.

    Interesting, I never use Stop. I just use Pause for short breaks or phone calls, and if the phone call / break is going to turn into a long one I just power the player off. I'll have to try Stop on my players and see if it resumes the same as when powering off. Sure is frustrating to have to have the disc load up all over again. I had a Samsung (1400) that would do that - if you paused it for more than a few minutes when you hit Play instead of resuming it started loading the disc all over again. I sent it back after 2 days, it was either that or I knew I'd end up throwing the remote control at it.
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    good to know about the Oppo.
    I would really like to get one of the new ones, but the price is still an issue.
    I just don't want to spend another $500 on a player since I've already done that twice--once for HD DVD and once for my bd-30.
    It makes me cringe just thinking about it.
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    Thanks for the replies. I am using Sony BX-57 which does work for non-Java Bluray discs. However, many popular Bluray titles use Java so mostly I am out of luck with resume. Especially with kids, they tend to watch movies repeatedly in fragments, this can be extremely frustrating. And now I avoid Bluray altogether (using DVD instead) if that is for kids.

    I am an engineer so I can't understand why no player manufacture comes out with some solution. Anyway, you can pause and resume disc, and you can set bookmark. Can some player either

    1) remember the whole disc state when STOP or poweroff is triggered, then restart it for PLAY

    2) automatically set a hidden bookmark for STOP/poweroff, then restart from the hidden bookmark

    Both seem doable to me technically and it would save a lot of hassle for me. Not jokingly, I'd pay an extra $100 for the resume function if it works for all discs.
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    I don't think the manufacturers can. Java discs are actually implementing a proprietary Java software player for each title. For those titles, the hardware just acts as a computer to run the Java, and as an output device for the video and audio. It doesn't have all the control that a normal title does... the software Java player has that control instead.

    This is one of the worst "features" of blu-ray.

    You can vote with your dollars--only purchase titles without Java. If you have to see a Java title, rent it. If the HD-DVD is available, get that instead.

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