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    Worked for me as well. Thanks!! Prime membership is worth it IMO. Free shipping on all orders and guaranteed day of release delivery = Never having to drive to the store and still getting movies on the Tuesday.
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    This is a great tip. Thanks a lot!
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    got it. thank you very much.
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    I just go it! It have til May! This great because there are a lot of BDs coming up in these months.
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    Awesome, my Prime membership ran out in November, been missing it. THANKS!!

    Now if only they would get rid of tax in NYC!
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    The tax in NYS is a pain. Yes, I realize that, technically speaking, all people are supposed to voluntarily pay state tax. But we all now that does not happen. In short, my Amazon orders cost 8% more than what most people pay.

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    Cool worked for me today as well.

    Just had to select the trial for Amazon Prime once I got to the order page.
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    did it today and got a month. Still very cool. 3rd time I've done this. hehe

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    This is probably going to pay off for them in the long run as far as letting me have this. I've already spent $250+ in a week.
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    ive been a member for amazon prime now for about 3 years.. everything ive gotten from amazon has came shipped from UPS.. i ordered some of the old school transformers generation 1 dvd sets last week and they also came UPS.. today i ordered the beatles rockband ps3 set from amazon and it was shipped via FEDEX.. since when has amazon shipped anything FEDEX?
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    they use all the major carriers.

    Lately, I've been getting most of my orders (as infrequent as they have become) via ONTRAC. Personally, I prefer it, as all my 2-day shipments come in 1 day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chameleontongue View Post
    since when has amazon shipped anything FEDEX?
    Where most of my deliveries come from UPS, I've gotten FedEx shipments several times, usually prime 2nd day deliveries arriving on Saturdays (like a recent delivery of a blu-ray I ordered last Thursday).
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    just got a 1 month. better than nothing
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    Subscribe & save had 10 or 15% off
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    Amazon Mom?

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