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    Blu-ray Disney's Jungle Book with $5 off coupon

    Haven't seen this posted, but looks like Amazon is offering Jungle Book BD with a $5 off coupon. Currently it's $34.99 at Amazon, and even then, $5 off only brings it down to $29.99. Lately I haven't seen the Disney prices come down even at Amazon, os not sure if it's worth it. Here's the link

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    For those without Prime, be sure to add a cheap filler to get you over the new FSSS threshold.

    Supposedly Amazon had this for 27.99 before issuing the coupon then jacked the price up. Personally I am probably going to hold off and hope Target has a digibook release for this. Plus I don't want to go through the hassle of trying to cancel the order for this should they ship the filler before the movie and get charged for shipping.
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    $5 is not going to be enough to move me - I have the Zavvi steelbook already and the UK 2-movie box-set.
    Thanks Disney for helping me decide.
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    No more coupon

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