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    Always check the site before buying in store, I've had stuff be one price online, and another in store. They will always price match their own online store. Gotta stay on top these jerks.
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    I went after work today. True Grit did scan at $19.99. They still had $9.99 signage up so I was able to still get it for cheap. Definitely YMMV on trying to find it at $9.99. Just look for some old signs.

    They had a stand setup near the blu-ray section at my local Bestbuy that had some additional titles that weren't on the website. The titles had the yellow sticker on them so I don't know if they will have these at all the stores. They didn't seem like very good deals. Prices are before $5 off.

    Band of Brothers - $59.99
    Bored to Death first season - $29.99
    Hung season one - $29.99
    Hung season two - $36.99
    The Pacific - $69.99 (LOL)
    John Adams - $39.99
    Rome season one - $44.99
    Rome season two - $44.99
    three seasons of The Sopranos for $49.99 ( I can't tell which seasons in the photo I took)
    two seasons of True Blood - $49.99 (again, can't see which season)
    Treme - $54.99
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    Is there a list of dvd you can use for the coupon?
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    see first post.
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    It was 9.99 in my store and online. I always have the Best Buy app ready on my phone though just in case.
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    I picked up Halloween and Straw Dogs today. My local BB have a small section dedicated to this deal but only had two to three copies of most of these.

    I traded in a couple of titles I got from the last Blockbuster video .99 dvd sale. One of them had BBV exclusive all over the cover and disc but I had no problems whatsoever. Of course it probably didn't hurt that the girl working CS pretty much knows me by name considering the number of orders I have been picking up there over the last two-three months.

    Hopefully Die Hard 1 & 3 will still be there later this week when I go back.
    want list
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    I picked up The Expendables, The Big Lebowski and Terminator Salvation. I was really hoping to get True Grit, but there were no $9.99 signs to be found. I didn't realize that they change sales partway through the week or I would have been in there on Monday.
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    Nice, I was able to trade in an old dvd and get pulp fiction for $9.99.
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    Don't use this for any of the HBO titles though. They'll all be 50% off for a week in December.
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    Traded in 5 DVDs last night. My local BB had the blu rays with yellow labels scattered all over the place. All the ones I saw were blu rays I already have. Is there a website link showing which movies are part of the program? So stupid that BB can't give you a list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boston007 View Post
    Is there a website link showing which movies are part of the program? So stupid that BB can't give you a list.
    See first post.

    Quote Originally Posted by saqibhasan101 View Post
    Offer is back on - some recent titles included including pulp fiction:
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    Quote Originally Posted by 45rpm View Post
    See first post.
    Ahhh awesome thank you!

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