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    Question Digital Copy Codes, Why do they Expire?

    Seeing as this is a new feature that started out small and is now attached to almost every new movie release (not all)

    The thing is if there is only a one time redemption on the code, why does it have to expire? Some people, like myself don't have enough room on a computer (each movie can take between 1-2gbs of room at a time) or share a computer. This comes to some people putting off on the Digital Copy or not bothering with it because they do not own an iPod or other portable video player. Then at a time, when they crack open the case (this happened with me about a year or so ago) to find the Digital Copy and figure, why not put it in itunes and transfer it to your video ipod? I had put off on this Blu-Ray for a while until a holiday came up and it was on sale for cheap, maybe 15$? (movie was Death Race) So i purchased it and ended up redeeming the Digital Copy ONE DAY before it expired (had it expired i would NOT have been a happy camper -_-) but a month or so ago i got back into trying to watch the Dark Knight, 2 times prior i had really thought it was a horrible movie..Third time around i enjoyed it and found my brother had it on Blu-Ray with a Digital Copy, knowing he doesn't bother with the Digital Copies (only owned Dark Knight and Wedding Singer on BluRay, nothing else) i went to copy it on my iTunes to find it had expired December 2009.

    Basically i'm just wondering why they bother to make them Expire, you purchase it included with the movie and it is on a separate disc, i can understand the one time redemption to keep people from sharing the disc around. I just don't understand the Expiration :/
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    Default Double Rainbow, What does it Mean?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've read on the Warner stickers, the Digital Copy is meant to be an incentive to purchase the movie within the initial release timeframe, maybe so they can maximize sales or boost sales numbers during this launch period.

    The Digital Copy expiration is coherent with that idea, in that, it's an infalible way to know that you won't get the "prize" or "added bonus" if you didn't actually got the movie early.

    I think the reasoning behind this, is: if you use the Digital Copies, and purchase a BD on the release week, why would you wait, like, a year and a half to use the code, "right?" And if you don't use DCs, you won't mind anyways.

    Apparently, having no space on your HDD, or jumping on the DC train at a later date is not a possible scenario for these guys. Tell me about it. I've lost the opportunnity to redeem my Matrix and Yes Man! movies
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    i have found with a few that if you missed your time to upload the movie you can change the date on your computer and if you disconnect from the net it will think it's still within the time frame and allow you to move it to a portable device.

    others still need to go online and check with a server or something... it will not do anything till it does. but i'm sure there is a way to circumvent things to still use it.
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    Wish I knew too. Gotta be about money. The retailers and sellers of movies want your money.
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    Are you sure this works? My computer is a mac and I cannot seem to hack the date.
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    I can't stand this rip off feature, first off you get charged extra for the digital copy that expires faster than you can load it (IF YOU CAN LOAD IT)!!
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    I recently bought an ipad and a mac. I put in a digital copy of Dark Knight that I got with the original blu release in December of '08. I was expecting the copy to be long expired but I tried it anyway and it worked. I also tried other copies that are at least a year old and they all worked. The only ''funny'' copy I had was Star did not recognize the ipad. Only the iphone or ipod touch.
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    Digital Copy codes definitely expire for the itunes version. There are a few studios that do not seem to enforce the expiration on the Windows Media Player Version (Sony, Fox, Universal). Coincidentally, those three studios do not enforce Windows Media Player DRM on the WMV digital copies either so I can load those WMV's on my android smart phone and watch them. I know Disney, Warner, and Paramount enforce the expiration dates on the Windows Media Player Version digital copies. I know Disney enforces Windows Media Player DRM on the WMV digital copies, I suspect Warner and Paramount may as well but I have not verified this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HD-MAN View Post
    I can't stand this rip off feature, first off you get charged extra for the digital copy that expires faster than you can load it (IF YOU CAN LOAD IT)!!
    So 1 year is longer than you can load it? Seriously, many of these last 1-2 years before the code expires. Stop being lazy and redeem them when you buy the title.
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    I think if you call there helpline you might be able to redeem it when it has expired.
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    I never use mine, they just sit here and expire.
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    I have yet to redeem a single one of these. I don't have an Ipod/Ipad/Zune and have the format that they come in and the HD space it takes on my computer. I'd honestly rather rip the dvd myself.

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    Yes, I used to worry about expired digital copies because I don't always buy the movie as soon as it comes out. No worries, if I absolutely want a digital copy, I'll rip it myself. I haven't done it yet because I have so many digital copies of other movies, I don't use the ones I already have.
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    Default Please

    If anyone doesn't use there digital copy codes that doesn't involve the disk please send them to me in a private message. I'm in the military and my I Pad keeps me from going crazy and watching movies on it thanks
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    thankxxx every one

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