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  1. Problems with my Pioneer LD-V8000
  2. The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)
  3. Car Seats
  4. Strangers: Story of a Mother and Daughter
  5. Oklahoma/The King and I
  6. Mausummery Fall collection
  7. Next generation optical disc format!
  8. Hello Everyone From Electrostar Electronics
  9. Blurays I've ordered online have foreign languages printed on disc?
  10. Is there a Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Director's Cut?
  11. Are you watch news ?
  12. Rating the Video Quality of Blu-Ray discs
  13. Some DVDs better video quality then Blu-Ray?
  14. Don't know if this is the right place to post this.But what happened to blu-ray.com?
  15. Michael Bay changes origins of TMNT, fans get pissed, Bay gets foot in mouth disease
  16. blu ray and Hugo- non 3d television
  17. Netflix sound problem
  18. Is there a review/rating website for video upscalers?
  19. Onkyo 608: how to output sound via the TV?
  20. What happened to the Perfect Weapon?
  21. Players that support DVD 24p
  22. Sony Bravia Projection problem
  23. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy Extended Edition
  24. Eureka (TV Series) Any Word on a Blu-ray release?
  25. PC blu ray set up problem
  26. Sharp AQUOS LCD issue
  27. Why do you collect?
  28. CEA Announces 2011 Hall of Fame Inductees
  29. Rio Blu-ray 3d problem
  30. upcoming echo bridge blu rays and echo bridge walmart exclusives
  31. HOW do I eject a rejected CD from iMac?
  32. Amazon Takes on Apple's App Restictions, Launches Kindle Cloud Reader
  33. Upcoming Titles on Blu Ray from Image Entertainment
  34. Bad news for Horror Fans of Anchor Bay
  35. Backup / convert my Favorite DVD movies ?
  36. WWE DVD & Blu-ray's
  37. Ended/Cleaned Up Collection
  38. connecting harman hardon satellite 2 sub to marantz mcr502dab
  39. Burner won't recognise disks - help, please.
  40. Maltese Falcon Blu-ray
  41. Upscaling/filtering, cleaning query..
  42. I Find It Funny In CSI Miami
  43. 1080p/24hz vs 1080p/60hz ?
  44. Surround Sound Channels Mixed PS3 vs Xbox
  45. Help! Saw : The Final Chapter 3D bluray problem
  46. what r the topics generally asked in group discussions in interviews regarding select
  47. Red2Blu still active?
  48. Are these HDMI cables good?????? Please help
  49. can I use the glasses from the Panasonic 3D starter kit on a Samsung TV?
  50. Is their a difference in Taken UK and the one in US?
  51. District 9 Glitch
  52. "Rental" vs. "Retail" Bluray discs - Is video quality gimped?!
  53. BD & DVD-BAY OF BLOOD UK Region Free 2-Disc Set
  54. DEEP RED Region Free BR 2 Disc Set
  55. Movie(s) production labels
  56. Battle Royale
  57. Movies like Bill & Ted ever coming to bluray?
  58. Paper Blu-Ray Disc?
  59. Enter Fat Dragon and Horror Express
  60. does a cover matter to you
  61. Whats Going On With MGM ?
  62. "Rambo (Extended Cut) [Blu-ray]" vs "Rambo: The Complete Collector's Set [Blu-ray]"
  63. Oldest movie on Blu?
  64. Blockbuster Kiosks are Heading to QuikTrip Stores
  65. Quotation - discussion
  66. Video colour manipulation and fake 5.1 7.1 mixes (report them!)
  67. War of the words clipping
  68. release date for psycho & rear window?
  69. New Battlestar Galactica boxset, any photos?
  70. Ulead VideoStudio 11 Pros Needed - Motion Blur Dilemma
  71. Hair on screen of toshiba dlp projection tv
  72. Help: Looking For Sony Model Number
  73. Star Wars Blu-rays in the works...
  74. List of all BDs with a discrete 7.1-channel audio soundtrack?
  75. Will BD ever really replace DVD?
  76. decline of VC-1 video codec?
  77. decline of Dolby TrueHD audio codec
  78. Safe to Buy Blu Ray At Walmart?
  79. How To Know All Available Editions of Movie Release
  80. Kong: return to the jungle
  81. Blow?
  82. best blu ray player
  83. Cabin Fever 2
  84. question...
  85. Where are the rest of the James Bond movies?
  86. Searching for an answer and observations
  87. Casablanca Ultimate Collector's Edition
  88. Steelbook Protection
  89. Recorded To My Portable Hard Drive From Dish Network
  90. cyclops
  91. Netflix to delay renting new Warner Bros. DVDs
  92. Technicolor / Paramount Renew DVD Services Contract 10/21/2009
  93. My blu-ray collection is an investment?
  94. Star Wars Blu-ray
  95. RealD Movies
  96. Metallica: Francais pour une nuit
  97. HomeTheater Magazine Subscription
  98. What playback issues have you had with Blu-ray movies?
  99. How many different Blu-ray players have you owned?
  100. HD Nation at Revision3.com
  101. Please post any Movie Polls in Film Forum
  102. Amazon shipping speed
  103. How many people think that these movie polls should actually be in the film forum?
  104. Angels & Demons Giftset with Bookends at Amazon with no movie!!!
  105. How many Blu-rays are in your unwatched pile?
  106. First Annual Blu-ray/HD DVD Movie Challenge?
  107. Star Trek ToS DVD vs Bluray
  108. Warning... About Amazon.com Long Story Very Happy Customer!
  109. A Million BD Subscribers for Netflix; Disc Rentals Expected for 20+ More Years
  110. Death Race BD-Live Commentaries? Are there any?
  111. Amazon launching same-day U.S. delivery service
  112. Sell A2, BDP1500 and get Samsung BDUP5000?
  113. Do you buy too many Blu-rays?
  114. Hastings Sale on DVDs, Games, & Blurays - In Store
  116. Star Trek TNG Series DVD packaging different for each season?
  117. Ps3 Playback Help
  118. PLASMA vs LCD vs LED
  120. Director question
  121. What two Disney movies would you like to see hit blu-ray the most?
  123. Your favorite disc
  126. Getting rid of DVDs? What's best?
  127. CD/DVD Distribution
  128. Import Blu-ray's
  129. What Did You Think of "Raging Bull" on Blu-ray
  130. What Blurays have the "THX Optimizer"?
  131. Which studio has the greatest films of all time?
  132. Times Online: CBHD leading BD players 3 to 1 in China. Will this trigger mass support
  133. Classic Blu-ray Movies: Original Audio Mix or 5.1 Mix?
  134. How do I increase the shared memory of my on-board VGA card?
  135. Fatal Attraction vs Basic Instinct vs Indecent Proposal
  136. Where do you buy your Blu-rays?
  137. What will last longer: CD's or DVD's
  138. Raleigh, NC shopping
  139. Do IMAX scenes get cut in the Blu-Ray edition of movies like Transformers 2?
  141. Sony to offer MovieIQ
  142. Question about the ratios
  143. Whats the worst Friday the 13th film?
  144. Whats the worst Friday the 13th film?
  145. How much have you spent on furniture to store your movies?
  146. New discs that are scratched...
  147. Best online movie collection site?
  148. Top 5 Blu Ray Movies
  149. So How Long Until Scarface Gets Released?
  150. blu ray list
  151. Hi everyone!
  152. I hope LAND OF THE LOST tanks at the box office
  153. Buying a 32'' LCD
  154. Skynet Edition T2 won't play on Pioneer 51FD
  155. Would you buy South Park seasons 1 - 11 on Bluray?
  156. Facebook Blu-ray Application
  157. question
  158. Which "Diane Lane Cheats" movie do you like better? WALK ON THE MOON or UNFAITHFUL?
  159. Which is better: THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW vs THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (remake)
  160. $5 Blu-rays... a bargain or hot goods?
  161. Newest Suit over DVD RIPPING
  162. Holographic storage breakthrough: Blu-Ray killer on the horizon?
  164. 4k RED RAY footage at half the bitrate of MiniDV
  165. As Much As I love Blu...
  166. Which version of Terminator 2 do you prefer?/Sky Net edition pre release.
  167. 2.35 Aspect Ratio Question
  168. Red2Blu, trade your HD DVD sleeves for Blu Ray movies
  170. Positive reviews here on HDD based on supplements
  171. Taking Lives HDD Review
  172. Let the Right One In vs. Twilight
  173. The Dark Knight vs. Terminator 2
  174. Family Guy vs South Park
  175. John Wayne
  176. U Blu? Giveaway (For U.S. Residents) Facebook giveaway
  177. Mr Brooks vs American Psycho - which is better?
  178. Lg Bh200 or Samsung BD-UP5000
  179. wtg NetFlix!
  180. Which to own?
  181. Taken
  182. A BUG'S LIFE -vs- ANTZ (which is better?)
  183. Original 'Alien' Trilogy Coming to Blu-ray
  184. Scarlett Johansson the OTHER WOMAN
  185. HDTV, Seinfeld HD and South Park HD question
  186. Surround sound out of sync with Blu-Ray picture
  187. Netflix list of movies in HD through Xbox
  188. Night of the Living Dead
  189. I am Legend vs The Omega Man
  191. The Lonely Island!
  192. Favorite Hitchcock
  193. The All-Time Classics
  194. Any DVD comparison sites (screengrabs)?
  195. What will I get from lossless audio?
  196. No more plasmas?
  197. It's Official: Pioneer to quit TV business
  198. X-men The Animated Series to DVD in April
  199. Anyone with a Blu Ray template that can help?
  200. BAD NEWS BEARS (2005) vs BAD SANTA
  201. looking for a good comedy....
  202. Airplane vs. Naked Gun - if you could only watch one?
  203. Trading Places vs. Coming to America? Which is better?
  204. Friday The 13ths vs Halloweens vs Nightmare On Elm St's
  205. Donnie Brasco vs Reservior Dogs - which flick is better?
  206. I have an idea... how about a sub-forum JUST for polls?
  207. Which vamp trilogy is better: BLADE or UNDERWORLD?
  208. Zodiac
  209. BRAVEHEART vs GLADIATOR? Which do you prefer?
  210. 28 DAYS LATER vs DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004
  211. I, ROBOT vs I AM LEGEND - which is better?
  212. CASINO or GOODFELLAS? Which is better?
  213. Blazing Saddles - vs - Young Frankenstein?
  214. THE DIE HARD's vs THE LETHAL WEAPONS; which do you prefer?
  215. Senate approves a four-month delay to the digital TV changeover
  216. Which TRILOGY do you like better: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or BOURNE?
  217. Blockbuster Online - Extra Discs?
  218. Plastic disks SUCK!
  219. Bose....no Blu Ray?
  220. Sweeney Todd and Clockwork Orange
  221. Samsung Series6 - Plasma or LCD?
  222. disappointing blind buys
  223. The End of Analog Television
  224. Which movie do you like better? TRAINING DAY or AMERICAN GANGSTER
  225. Question about regiofree
  226. Release date for five period films
  227. High Definition short film contest
  228. Anyone Know
  229. monitor is wanted!...for work/design/, gaming, watching DVDs-any advices are welcome
  230. Which movie do ya like better, CASINO or GOODFELLAS?
  232. What constitues the encode that a studio uses for high def releases?
  233. Which movie out of your HiDef Collection have you watched the most?
  234. Newbie Question
  235. DTS "Night Mode"???
  236. how can i upscale dvd with ps3 through component cables ?
  238. Which movie do you like better: Lucky Number Slevin vs Smokin Aces
  239. Opinions please
  240. How do you organize the boxsets with the rest of your collection?
  241. So what did everyone get for Christmas?
  242. Anyone else have this Amazon problem..?
  243. Netflix or Blockbuster
  244. Comcast HD line-up
  245. Im a new guy
  246. Monsters Inc and Bug Life Blu Ray April 2008?
  247. Pixar Favorite...WHAT ARE YOURS..and where would you rate them
  248. Those wacky Amazon employees...
  249. First post(New HDTV)
  250. News flash: BusinessWeek runs HD story that isn't doom and gloom

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