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  1. Approved Ads?
  2. perplexing scoring logic of HDD's reviews
  3. Mobile Site - UHD Release dates?
  4. Game Reviews?
  5. Why do I have to login every time I come to this website?
  6. FYI: When I go to UHD reviews, and sort by Video Rating, it sorts all Blu-Ray reviews
  7. Page Titles or tags not accurate
  8. Database Error, over and over again this morning
  9. Forum Threads on Ultra-HD Versus Blu-ray Sections
  10. Marked as read not sticking/remembered
  11. The up arrow on the main mobile site...
  12. Software General Discussion - Release date / Preorder threads
  13. Review Page suggestion:
  14. New Posts pointer haywire?
  15. What is this idiotic "shares" thing that keeps slowing popping out on the right side?
  16. UHD Release Dates
  17. Login page? - 'Remember me' option?
  18. Post padding thread
  19. E3 2010 Forum should be moved
  20. Social Media Plugin?
  21. Missing Posts
  22. HDDigest forum cookie?
  23. Virus alert
  24. Bad links on front page
  25. New Editor Window Issue/New Look
  26. Username Smilez
  27. Account Deletion
  28. Hackers
  29. Blog/Cookie Issues
  30. How to add avatar
  31. Forum Threads Versus Bottom-of-Review Comments?
  32. 3D Movies subforum
  33. Reminder For Upcoming Films To Be On Bluray
  34. Amazon.ca (and .uk and others) Referal Links
  35. Amazon Sales Take a Hit in States With Online Tax
  36. Youtube Previews?
  37. Search by genre feature?
  38. Post deletion no longer possible?
  39. Date bug on Recent Comments width for Bonus View
  40. WOW I like what you've done with the place!
  41. Thread defaulting to printable view?
  42. Use of Profanity in the Reviews
  43. Forum Slowdown?
  44. Please make blu-ray historical release dates on one page like before
  45. Hope I can ask questions here.
  46. Planned 1 Hour Downtime 8pm PT
  47. Can we update "Game Consoles Smackdown" to just "Gaming Smackdown"?
  48. Hot Releases
  49. Reviewer's Equipment
  50. Wonky Font Colors with Internet Explorer
  51. Unify threads and reviews?
  52. What happened to Nate Boss?
  53. Review Needed: Wake into Fright
  54. Peter Bracke erased from this site?
  55. TV Forum?
  56. Sort by Studio?
  57. Overall Rating Score Should Have Different Methodology
  58. Spam Private Message
  59. Suspicious website block
  60. Sporadic "Your Post will not be visible until a moderator approves..." Errors
  61. Sporatic "Your Post will not be visible until a moderator approves..." Errors
  62. Romney Ads?
  63. 30,000 Members
  64. Search parameters rejected
  65. Suggestion: Jargon busting glossary
  66. Can't use my browser's back button after posting.
  67. Games?
  68. "AdChoices" Blocking Review Text
  69. Attachments
  70. Why no library?
  71. Blu-ray.com refugee. Past experience.
  72. Up the Private Messages Limit?
  73. Privacy Policy pop-up: How much longer is this going to appear?
  74. Do anyone know whats going on with blu-ray.com it seem to be completely down
  75. where is the blu ray review of star trek first contact?
  76. Suggestion for BD Review Page
  77. quit screwing up the layout
  78. Scripting Errors in Blog
  79. W3C validation errors
  80. Bring back Josh Z, Ken Brown and Peter Bracke
  81. Is it no longer possible to upload files to this site?
  82. Suggestion
  83. Having issues Editing an existing list post
  84. Page 'Go To' options
  85. Can't post threads in HD smackdown??
  86. Ces 2012
  87. Sort options are out of order!
  88. How many times can someone be banned without being permabanned?
  89. Wrong Specs - Kung Fu Panda 2
  90. Game Room needs some clean up
  91. Reviewers' Audio Systems
  92. when you click on the forums tab....
  93. Concerns regarding the HD Smackdown forum
  94. A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu Ray collection (UK) review?
  95. To the Mods
  96. Takes several minutes to load a page due to ads
  97. Pictures?
  98. Click on my profile and get another user's profile
  99. A sticky for 3D forum
  100. Review format suggestion
  101. Insidious
  102. Amazon affiliate status terminated?
  103. Is there any possile way of changing my username?
  104. Blu-ray Exchange Action Dropping off?
  105. Scripting issue with Bonus View pages in IE9 Compatibility Mode
  106. Does HDD even have a tech to work on issues anymore?
  107. keep more news regularly updated
  108. Ninja quoting?
  109. Is the site becoming mentally challenged?
  110. Anyone working on a review of Terrence Malick's The New World?
  111. Define NSFW
  112. HP7 Banner mis-spelling
  113. New RRL vote time! May combo vote!
  114. Consider Spring Cleaning (of subforums)
  115. Post Numbers
  116. May/April RRL tag team vote thread!
  117. Posted Link Being Redirected (?)
  118. Question about "bottom line" rankings
  119. Blu-ray 3D reviews
  120. Review for Enter The Void on Bluray. NSFW~!!
  121. A very special RRL thread- awesome free Blu-ray and great choices!
  122. Private Message 150 Limit - any way to increase?
  123. Blu-ray reviews
  124. CES forums
  125. Small thing with a Home Page article
  126. Search
  127. Netflix Release Date Schedule?
  128. January RRL thread: vote on what title(s) you want to see reviewed most!
  129. Reviews: Blu-Ray vs. Dvd
  130. Member Vote: Review Request Line Nov/Dec 2010
  131. where is the blu-ray bargains section?
  132. The HDD Blog is stupid....
  133. PC Forum
  134. tenzing.fmpub.net
  135. Open off-site links in new tabs!!
  136. Click thru link redirects?
  137. The $105 Fix That Could Protect You From Copyright-Troll Lawsuits Read More http://w
  138. Obama and the democratic national committee advertisement now at High-Def Digest
  139. A "Wish List" option?
  140. Another weird thing happening in various posts...
  141. Reviews?
  142. Theatrical Review Threads
  143. Marketing Survey Pop Up Ad
  144. Seeking reader assistance: 3D Alice in Wonderland, Bolt, Imax Triple Feature
  145. Adding You Tube embedding
  146. For Recommendations
  147. Would it be possible to archive the CES 2009 discussion forum?
  148. Weird thing happening in various posts...
  149. Smartphones
  150. new user class: suspended
  151. Problem with private messages
  152. Deal thread URL: (Required)
  153. "Search" problem?
  154. Spoiler alerts.
  155. Any chance of a "White Collar" review?
  156. Seeking reader assistance: Ice Age 3, Coraline 3D discs
  157. Official VB4 feedback thread - SUGGESTIONS & REQUESTS ONLY
  158. Quick Navigation Selection is Cumbersome
  159. OFFICIAL vBulletin 4 Feedback - BUGS ONLY
  160. Only Hollywood reviews?
  161. Hey Guys,
  162. What's Going On?
  163. Amazon commission for HDD?
  164. new mods
  165. Diversify HDD's Focus
  166. Is it okay to post a user-review on this site?
  167. Face Book Plug In?
  168. July Review Request Line
  169. Life (Attenborough) Incorrect Audio
  170. Che Incorrect Aspect Ratio
  171. Trying to post scan of deal... help
  172. CES & E3 yearly subforum listings
  173. Oldboy: incorrect aspect ratio
  174. June Review Request Line
  175. Is this ever going to get fixed?
  176. Why are the reviewers so preopccupied with "dated?"
  177. Name change for the television sub forum
  178. Blu-ray Steelbook Subforum?
  179. Exploding Ad?
  180. "Next Page" (?) on Bonus View
  181. Editing Posts on the Bonus View Blog??
  182. May Review Request Line
  183. Thread for reporting errors?
  184. Big Surprise...
  185. Severe Problems Loading Threads Today
  186. Mfg. Representative Input?
  187. April Review Request Line
  188. Red Cliff Review
  189. Best Sellers and Deals
  190. Thread Page Number Error?
  191. Post Count not displayed...
  192. Review Sorting Criteria Request
  193. Raging Bull and Angel Heart Reviews...
  194. How about a 3D subforum?
  195. It's Blu-ray...not Blue-ray :)
  196. Software Upgrade For HDD?
  197. 2012 Review Thread
  198. Blu Ray Reviews
  199. Error in historical release data
  200. Fantastic site!
  201. High-Def Digest Credibility
  202. Not really an issue, but . . .
  203. BerryBlab Blackberry App and forum plug-in
  204. Something Just Occurred to Me...
  205. Hello, how can I get my account deleted?
  206. What Are The Factors That Determine Which Titles Are "Must Own?"
  207. Thread Suggestion for Blu Ray Trading Forum
  208. Feedback for deals....
  209. Mobile Version Problems:
  210. Edit Profile Picture
  211. ANOTHER AD causes forums to be blocked
  212. What audio equipments are you using?
  213. Shady ad
  214. Blu-ray Reviews Page
  215. AT&T Ad Causes Forums To Not Load!
  216. Political Films/Political Discussion Ban
  217. Top
  218. Apple VS PC Smackdown?
  219. Review suggestions, concerning supplements part of review
  220. Question for the HDD staff
  221. Purely Negative "MOVIE" reviews.
  222. 8 Reviews Thursday??!!
  223. Is there a place that has the rules of this site in French?
  224. When members attack!!!
  225. HDD site outage
  226. Server Timeouts
  227. Why was My mega PS3 bundle thread deleted from game exchange?
  228. Exploding Ads - Please Report!
  229. My Post Tally has been halted
  230. Off-site linking information!
  231. I think you may be (inadvertantly I hope!) advertising a scam
  232. American Cancer Rollover Ad
  233. Virus attacks while browsing HDD?
  234. Sorry for posting a link.
  235. The new "Blogger rules" - will HDD require it?
  236. Why was my thread closed?
  237. Request for Marketplace thread title change
  238. DD sale? why is there a DD icon on the retails forum?
  239. Copyright rules
  240. Deadlands 2 release date
  241. iPhone version of HDD Forums (feedback)
  242. Script errors on these forums?
  243. Suggestion: Polls within Reviews
  244. More BD/HD comparisons on upcoming reviews
  245. Announcements can't be replied to
  246. Annoying Exploding Ad for "9" Movie At Top
  247. So Banned actually means "come back anytime"?
  248. HDD accessing browser history?
  249. Please report all SPAM
  250. Anyone else have problems with ...

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